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Provider Referral Information

PPIL Health Centers

Planned Parenthood of Illinois operates 17 health centers throughout Illinois.

  • Click here to see the full list of PPIL locations.

Note: The Fairview Heights Health Center in Fairview, IL (near St. Louis) is operated by Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri.

Abortion Services at PPIL

All 17 of PPIL's health centers offer Medication Abortion (MAB) up to 11.0 weeks. We also offer telehealth and direct-to-patient MAB via mail to qualifying patients.

Select PPIL health centers offer in-clinic abortion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are PPIL locations, what services are offered at each site, and what are the gestational cut-offs?

Scroll up for more information on PPIL's locations, services, and gestational cut-offs.

Visit this page for a full list of our 17 health centers, their locations, and phone numbers.

Or download this printable PDF that includes a map, detailed location information, and a list of gestational age cut-offs by health center.

What restrictions does Illinois place on abortion provision?

Illinois has very few abortion access restrictions.

In 2019, Illinois passed the Reproductive Health Act which gives each person a fundamental right to make individual decisions about their own reproductive health. This includes the fundamental right to use or refuse reproductive health care, including contraception (i.e. birth control), sterilization, abortion, birthing decisions, and maternity care.

Illinois Medicaid pays for abortion services. Coverage is also available for patients dual-enrolled in Illinois Medicaid and Illinois Medicare.

Illinois does not have mandatory waiting periods, ultrasound requirements, false counseling requirements, or other medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion access.

Will PPIL offer a lower price for patients who have already had an ultrasound and/or testing done at an outside facility?

PPIL has a discounted self-pay price for patients who come with a clinically acceptable ultrasound report and any other necessary testing from an outside facility, e.g. a Planned Parenthood affiliate in a state that has restricted abortion. 

Can PPIL help support patients traveling from other states for abortion care?

Yes, PPIL has a team of patient navigators that can assist with financial, transportation, and other logistical barriers to accessing care. Patients will be asked about their needs and can be connected with navigators when scheduling an appointment.

We also work closely with abortion funds throughout the Midwest region. More information on state-based funds can be found here: ppil.org/abfunds.

What information will PPIL want to know if one of our patients goes to PPIL after receiving ultrasound and/or testing at our health care facility?

Please see the sample visit summary. We have highlighted the items that are most important to PPIL to have clearly documented. If one of your patients comes to PPIL with this type of summary, we can avoid re-testing and give the discounted price.

  • Medical history
  • Ultrasound records
  • Labs
Does PPIL offer sedation for procedural abortion patients?

PPIL offers a range of sedation options from local to deep sedation depending on gestational age, patient preference, and CRNA or APN availability. The most frequently offered sedation options are local sedation, moderate (twilight) sedation, or Valium minimal sedation. 

What are PPIL’s sedation policies around having a guest and for NPO?

Please tell the patients you refer to us and who want sedation to have a guest and to be NPO.

We will allow people to have sedation without a guest if they get here and don’t have one, but prefer if they do have a guest. Patients who have had sedation may NOT drives themselves. They will be allowed to take a ride share or taxi without a guest.

At this time, all patients receiving moderate or deep sedation MUST be NPO, regardless of gestational age.

What EMR does PPIL use?

PPIL currently uses Epic EMR. If you're referring from another Epic-enabled practice, we recommend encouraging patients to grant us access to their medical records through the CareEverywhere functionality. This consent will also be verified as part of their intake process at PPIL. Additionally, our communication with patients is facilitated through Epic’s MyChart patient portal. This portal allows us to answer questions, share lab results, and assist in scheduling appointments. 

Does PPIL offer telehealth medication abortion?

Yes. Per Illinois law, patients must be in Illinois during the telehealth appointment.

During telehealth medication abortion, patients are screened to determine if they need any testing, including ultrasound or hemacue.

If testing is needed, patients may come to the health center to receive the testing and pick up medications at that time, or obtain testing elsewhere and then have medications mailed to them at an Illinois address.

If no further testing is needed, patients can choose to have medications mailed to them at an Illinois address or pick them up at a health center.

What does PPIL use for cervical preparation for 2nd trimester abortions?

Up to 17w6d gestation, we perform same-day misoprostol cervical preparation.

At this time, for D&Es at  18.0 weeks, PPIL performs 2-day procedures with overnight dilators.

Contact Information

The following phone numbers are for PPIL patients after they have been seen by PPIL. Please do not share with patients unless they have received services with PPIL.

Emergency post-abortion phone number: 866-222-3248

Non-emergeny medical issues: 877-200-7745