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Meet the

Birth Control Squad!  


The IUD (intrauterine device) is a small, T-shaped device. It is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare provider.

The Implant

The implant is the size of a small match stick and is made of flexible plastic. It is inserted under the top layer of skin in the upper arm by a healthcare provider. 

The Shot

The shot is injected every 3 months by a health care provider into either the arm or butt – your choice!

The Ring

The ring lasts one month at a time and is placed inside the vagina. It is made of small, flexible plastic that is comfortable and not noticeable, like a tampon. It does not need to be removed for sexual activity.

The Pill

The pill needs to be taken every day at the same time. You can set an alarm or use the Spot On app to help you remember.

The Patch

The patch is a 2” x 2” beige adhesive bandage. A person sticks the patch onto their arm, back, butt or stomach. The patch stays on for one week at a time (for example, someone might put a new one on every Monday).

The Condom

The condom is the only method that helps prevent BOTH pregnancy and STIs! It can be used during oral, anal and vaginal sex – every single time. It needs to be stored and used correctly to work best.

There are many types of condoms: internal, external, flavored, textured, colorful, and more!

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Know Your Rights

If you are 12 or older in Illinois, you can get birth control and many sexual health services on your own! We encourage you to talk with a trusted adult, but you do not need anyone’s permission to make an appointment. You can also come to Planned Parenthood no matter your income, insurance, gender identity, sexuality or immigration status.

Your privacy is very important to us! We follow the law to make sure your visit is confidential.