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PPIL’s Access Birth Control (ABC) Initiative celebrates its one year anniversary this January.

Since its launch, ABC has provided nearly 4,000 patients with free birth control, including methods like the IUD and arm implants.

For many patients, cost is a huge factor that comes into play when choosing a birth control method. Many patients choose a method not based on its effectiveness or usability, but solely on cost. At PPIL, we firmly believe that one step towards creating equitable family planning is by allowing patients to choose the method that works best for their lifestyle and needs without the burden of cost.

Looking back at our first year of the ABC Initiative, I feel a strong sense of pride knowing that PPIL has impacted so many patients through this program. With nearly 50% of ABC patients being brand new to PPIL, it really drives home the simple fact that ABC is connecting people with care who otherwise might not have been able to access it! As one of our ABC patients put it best, “Getting an IUD through the ABC program for free has been life-changing and liberating.”

At PPIL, we look forward to another year of providing free birth control and we hope to continue increasing access to care across Illinois. ABC is made possible by support from generous donors as well as our hard-working and dedicated staff both in and out of our health centers.


Cheers to 2020 and another year of free birth control at PPIL, and cheers to ABC!


To learn more and find out if you’re eligible for ABC, visit ppil.org/abc

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