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We now offer first trimester ultrasound to date your pregnancy.

The service is provided 6 -13.6 weeks after your last period.

Why would I need a first trimester ultrasound to date my pregnancy?

  • Assess the location of the pregnancy in the uterus and rule out an ectopic pregnancy
  • Confirm the correct dates of a pregnancy. The earlier the ultrasound is performed the more accurate it will be at estimating the exact date.
  • Assess the presence of a heartbeat.
I’m unsure about what I’m going to do with the pregnancy, should I get an ultrasound?

It is up to you.  If you’re unsure and need time to decide, you can call back later to make an appointment.

If I decide to end the pregnancy, can I use the ultrasound to get an abortion?

No. State law requires that a person have an ultrasound with a physician who will perform the abortion procedure. If you need time to decide, you can take that time and call to set up an appointment when you are ready.

Does Planned Parenthood provide prenatal care?

We give information about the importance of prenatal care and how to connect with a prenatal care provider.  You can learn more during the visit with the provider.

What does a dating ultrasound not tell us?

A dating ultrasound does not tell us the following:

  • Whether or not the pregnancy is healthy or will continue
  • Gender
  • Genetic Information
  • General health of your pelvic structures (uterus, ovaries, tubes, bladder)
What are the limitations of a dating ultrasound?
  • A dating ultrasound is not a comprehensive gynecological or obstetrical scan.
  • A dating ultrasound is not an initiation into prenatal or abortion care.
  • If you are continuing the pregnancy, it is important to have a more comprehensive ultrasound with your prenatal provider.
  • If you are planning to end the pregnancy, it’s important to follow up with an abortion provider.
What if the ultrasound doesn't show a pregnancy?

Occasionally, a person has a positive pregnancy test but no pregnancy is seen on ultrasound. This might happen when:

  • The pregnancy is in your uterus but It’s too early (too small) to be seen on ultrasound
  • The pregnancy is not in your uterus (ectopic pregnancy)
  • You have had a miscarriage but enough hormones are still present in your body to cause a positive pregnancy test

In these cases, the clinician will talk with you about next steps.