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With the support of dedicated individuals, foundations, and corporations, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is able to fulfill its promise to care for women, men, and teens in a caring and non-judgmental environment. There are many ways you can support the work of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast.



Your local gift will be directed to benefit our community.

Click here to give online

*Select local if you would like 100% of your gift to be used in Louisiana and Southeast Texas. Go to TX and select Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. 


Through the Mail

Gifts received through the mail are put to use immediately helping women and men in your community get preventive health care and information. You can mail us a gift payable to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast via check, credit card, or money order. Send your credit card information or check along with the completed donation form to the address below:


Over the Phone

You can make your gift over the phone by calling our Houston office at 713.831.6607 or our Louisiana office at 504.899.1447.


Donate Your Vehicle

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast! We accept all kinds of vehicles and your donation is greatly appreciated!

To donate:

  1. Visit http://careasy.org/details?2678 or call the toll free number at (855) 500 7433
  2. A representative will take your car details over the phone and schedule a pickup
  3. Car Easy will sell your car, likely at auction, and then send you your 1098-c form for tax purposes
  4. Planned Parenthood will receive a check in the mail for the value of your car sale


No matter how you choose to give, we appreciate your support of our mission to provide access to quality health care and affordable birth control for all women.  THANK YOU.


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Donate Locally