Education Programs

RESTORE of PPCWNY has a wide variety of educational programs to offer to the five New York counties it serves.

We offer educational/professional presentations to many different groups, including elementary, middle, high school students as well as staff; and college students, teachers and education administration staff, civic organizations, church groups, medical professionals, day care providers and businesses. 

We can provide programs for you in the areas of:

  1. Rape Awareness and Prevention
    Covers issues such as:
    • Myths
    • Statistics
    • Strategies
    • Safety
  2. Date/Acquaintance Rape
    Covers issues such as:
    • What is date rape?
    • Myths
    • Statistics
    • Safety planning
    • Date-rape drugs
    • Common reactions
  3. Sexual Harassment
    Covers issues such as:
    • Definitions
    • Courses of action
    • Effects on victims
    • Flirting vs. sexual harassment
  4. Safe/Unsafe touch
    Covers issues such as:
    • Good secrets/bad secrets
    • My body belongs to me
    • Telling an adult
  5. How to Handle a Disclosure
    Covers issues such as:
    • Common reactions
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Myths
    • Medical/legal options
    • Mandated reporting

All of our programs are unique and can be tailored to any audience size, age and background. We try to work within your time allotments to provide you with important information that everyone needs to have.

For more information, please email us anytime.

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