Comparing effectiveness of birth control methods

More effective
Less than 1 pregnancy per 100
women each year

How to make your birth control method most effective

Vasectomy Female sterilization IUD Implant

Vasectomy: Use another method for first 3 months.

Female sterilization, IUD, implant: Little or nothing to do.

Less than
1 per 100
2-9 per 100
Breastfeeding Shot Pill Ring Patch

LAM (for 6 months): Breastfeed often, day and night.

Shot: Get repeat shots on time.

Pill: Take a pill each day.

Ring, Patch: Keep in place, change on time.

15-24 per 100
Diaphragm Male Condom Female condom Withdrawal Sponge Cervical cap

Diaphragm, male condom, female condom, withdrawal, cervical cap, sponge: Use correctly everytime you have sex. Cervical cap and sponge are less effective for women who have given birth.


About 25 per 100
Spermicide Fertility awareness

Spermicide: Use correctly everytime you have sex.

Fertility-awareness based methods: Abstain or use condoms on fertile days. Standard Days Method and Two Day Method may be easiest to use.

Less effective
About 25 pregnancies per 100
women each year

Source: Adapted from WHO, 2007