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Vivian Campbell Fund

The Vivian Campbell Fund is Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania’s funding source to ensure anyone in need of an abortion is not hindered by a lack of funds or other socio-economic factors. 

This fund is extremely necessary as federal funding cannot be used for abortion services. Beyond this, PA’s Medicaid coverage only covers the cost of an abortion when the pregnancy results from incest, rape, or significantly threatens the life of the patient. Even when a patient has health insurance, they may not be able to use it to cover their procedure due to the parameters of their coverage or other obstacles.

A gift to our Vivian Campbell fund is opening the door to choice to one or more of our community members who need it most. This gift will make a direct and undeniable difference.  

Vivian Campbell Fund

Help make sure anyone who seeks abortion services can afford them

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Some other barriers to service that the Vivian Campbell Fund can help circumvent by lessening the patient’s financial burden: 

  • an abusive relationship where the patient is not safe

  • a pre-existing medical condition that can affect insurance coverage or the ability for a patient to receive care

  • cost of transportation (i.e. gas, parking, tickets, or even lodging as patients could come from three or more hours away)

  • need for childcare

  • homelessness

  • job loss (sometimes as a direct result of their pregnancy making them too sick to work)

"After staying home with my 2 children for a few years, I went back to work. After 2 months on my new job, a job that took me over a year to attain, I learned that I was pregnant unexpectedly. Our family wasn't ready for another child. My health was online with another child. Planned Parenthood was a place that gave me a solution to keeping me sane, healthy, and continuously contributing to my family and society. I can't imagine life without this organization, that stands up for women's reproductive rights." - Beth

Who was Vivian Campbell?

IRS worker and mother of two, Vivian Campbell died on July 10, 1950, at McKeesport Hospital at the age of 28 from peritonitis as the result of an illegal, botched abortion. 

Gwendolyn J. Elliott, Vivian’s oldest child, was only five years old at the time of her mother’s death. When she learned how her mother died, Gwendolyn became a strong advocate of reproductive rights and eventually a member of PPWP’s board. In memory of her mother, she started the Vivian Campbell Fund, which is designed to cover the partial cost of an abortion when the need is demonstrated, or in some hardship cases, provide full financial assistance.

Please join us in continuing to honor Vivian by helping to make sure not one more western Pennsylvanian has to suffer the way she did because of their inability to pay. Your gift shows that access to abortion services is not a luxury, but a right.

Give your gift today and it will make the impact of a lifetime for someone who turns to PPWP tomorrow.