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Q: Are you still open and seeing patients?
A: Yes, Planned Parenthood is open and seeing patients. We are operating under our normal schedule. We see patients who are insured or not insured, including Medicaid. We are doing everything we can to remain open to care for our patients.

Q: Do you think you will be open in the future?
A: We intend to remain open and take care of our patients--as we have for the past 45 years. If anything changes, we will notify you and update our website so that you can get the care you need.

Q: Is my birth control covered without a co-pay?
A: Under Obamacare, birth control coverage without a co-pay was guaranteed if you had any insurance. The current administration has taken away this guarantee. You can talk to your insurance provider and your employer to see if your birth control is still covered.

Q: Should I get an IUD or implant now in case the health care law changes?
A: If you have a concern about your birth control or would like to change methods, we’re here to help. IUDs and implants are very popular because they are long-acting and reversible — but birth control is not “one size fits all.” Our women’s health experts can help you find the birth control method that is best for you. And, currently it may be paid by your health insurance or Medicaid.

Q: What’s going to happen to the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare?
A: The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is still in effect and will stay that way unless there’s a change in the law. That means if you use a plan purchased on the exchange or Medicaid and get subsidies, nothing has changed.

Q: I have Medicaid (or state Medicaid) can I still come to Planned Parenthood?
A: Planned Parenthood sees patients who are insured or not. You can come for care at our health center with your medicaid plan.

Q: What does it mean if Planned Parenthood is defunded? Will that mean my health center will close?
A: Defunding means that the government will no longer pay Planned Parenthood for taking care of people with Medicaid coverage for their health services. It does not directly mean that you cannot receive care from us, it means that we will not be reimbursed by Medicaid for that care. You can talk to us about any arrangements or other options that might be available for your care.