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In order to decrease potential exposure of patients and staff to COVID-19 and to increase clinic capacity to provide essential visits, Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood will not be seeing patients in clinic for services deemed “non-essential” during this public health crisis. Planned Parenthood acknowledges that all aspects of sexual and reproductive health care are vital to the health and wellbeing of people and their community. To reduce exposure to COVID-19 disease, we would like to schedule your appointment as a telehealth visit. This means that instead of you coming to our health center for your visit, your provider will reach you at or near the time of your scheduled appointment to have your visit. 


  • Birth control consult and renewals
  • Wellness and behavioral counseling
  • STI screenings (these visits may result in in-person visits)
  • Follow ups from procedures
  • UTIs, sexual discomfort and pain
  • PrEP and PEP


You can make a Telehealth appointment online or by calling. 1.800.230.PLAN (7526) or 518.434.5678. Appointments book out about a day or so depending on need. Once you have an appointment, UHPP will send you a link to your email address and or by text. You can access this link either through your smart phone or a computer. No app is needed.

If you need help with getting connected, we have a digital access program that can help. CLICK HERE to learn more!


We are excited to share that we now offer patients assistance in accessing telehealth services through our new Digital Access Program. Our Digital Access Specialist will meet with you at a public space in your community with a hotspot and tablet to securely get you the care you need via telehealth. This service will be available in Albany and Columbia counties.   

Click HERE for more information on the Digital Access Program. 


You must have access to the internet via a stable connection to connect to your appointment. About 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time, open the link to your appointment. To do so you must use one of the following browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox. Once you are connected to link, be sure to allow microphone and video access. Once you are in, you will be placed in a “virtual waiting room” and will get “checked in” by a staff person. They will do your intake, take your insurance to pay for your visit and get you ready for the visit. Note, during COVI-19 there are no copays needed. If you do not have insurance, UHPP will work with you on our sliding fee scale. After “check-in” you will be placed in the “back waiting room” while you wait for the provider. This can take from 2 to 10 minutes. 

If you are having an issue, check out the Troubleshooting Tips HERE. And here in Spanish.

Please note: if you miss your appointment, you will need to call for a new appointment. This link will expire after 15 minutes. UHPP will email, text and call you before your slot is removed. If the call drops, we will call you back.


Think about what you want to accomplish during the visit: Try to prioritize what’s most important for you during the call, as time may be limited. Have any information with you that you want to share like a positive pregnancy test, prescription refill information, and any labs. Please have your insurance and ID for verification.


Find a quiet, private place to talk – away from children, pets and other distractions. Make sure you can be there for 30 minutes or so. Most actual appointments last about 15 minutes. Charge or plug in your phone or computer; get some paper and a pen for taking notes. It is helpful to use headphones if you can. Please sit in one spot and not plan to move around. We will not have visits if you are operating a vehicle. Be sure to stay on the line until the call is completed.


Your conversation with the provider will be much like an in-person appointment. Write down what you want to discuss before you start, to make sure you cover everything. Be prepared to answer these questions: 

•    What prompted this appointment today?

•    What symptoms do you have? How long have they been going on, and how have they developed and changed over time?

•    What do you need?


Call to make an appointment now!