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We Need Your Help!

Many people don't know that Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida (PPSWCF) provides health care to thousands of people every year so they can lead happy, healthy lives.

When it comes to sexual health and freedom, everyone has an important story to tell. Whether you're a patient, donor, volunteer, or all three, please speak out and share your story about the importance of Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights. Your story will help us preserve and expand access to reproductive health care and information.

No matter how Planned Parenthood has made a difference in your life, please share your story so we can better share our story.

Click here to share your story.

Read Real Stories

Here is a sample of some patient stories that have been shared with us:

"Thanks to this clinic I was able to come and get free testing. I was pleased with how I was treated. The staff was very pleasant and made me feel welcome. Just knowing that they also care for my well-being as well is important to me. Thanks for all you do."
– Anonymous


"Thank you for what you do. I want to give my child everything I had and more and wouldn't be able to do that at this time in my life. Thank you for making it easier for me by being so thoughtful and caring."
– Anonymous


"I believe that every human should have a choice. This place is here to help people not hurt them. I thank God for a place to educate and help people with things that are no longer taught in public schools. It is a place for young people to come and get tested and learn the dangers of unprotected sex. Thank you for all you do."
– Nicole


"Planned Parenthood is a REMARKABLE, WONDERFUL place for individuals to receive health care. I have had many issues and problems, and I have been treated so incredibly kindly by this staff from checking in to seeing the nurse, doctor and all included. I am PROUD to be here. Thank you all, you are wonderful."
– Stacey


"Thank you Planned Parenthood for providing me with services since I was a teenager. I am now 24 and still trust and come here for my questions and concerns and annual exams. You provide me with all the knowledge that I need for a healthy sex life."
– Anonymous


"My experience here was fantastic! Everyone was very caring and helped me get through this process. They were very supportive and willing to help when I had questions or concerns. Thanks for the support and care."
– Anonymous