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For every condom purchased at any PPRM health center, PPRM will donate proceeds to an international project in Latin America

DENVER- It’s Valentine’s Day, so to kickoff National Condom Week, February 14-19, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) and New Era Colorado will give away condoms in exchange for a minimal donation at PPRM’s health centers in Colorado all week; proceeds will then be donated to a Planned Parenthood International (PPI) project to buy condoms for populations who are at great risk in Latin America.

Students at the University of Colorado can also take part in the “Take one, Give one” Campaign by visiting the PPRM/New Era Colorado booth at the UMC on Wednesday, February 16 from 11 am- 2 pm. People who participate in the campaign will become part of an effort to increase access to sexual and reproductive health information and services in the most remote and underserved communities around the world. Additionally, by picking up a condom, individuals are acknowledging the importance of sexual health.

“We are so excited to be a part of this great effort to increase access and knowledge of condoms in Colorado and around the world. New Era works everyday to create and advocate forward-thinking solutions to the problems that face our generation, and that includes growing rates of sexually transmitted diseases,” said Steve Fenberg, executive director of New Era Colorado.

National Condom Week, which originally began at the University of California, Berkeley in the ‘70s, has great relevance in America too.  Research shows that every year in the United States there are more than three million unintended pregnancies, and approximately 19 million women and men will contract a sexually transmitted disease.  Condoms used consistently and correctly provide the best protection against sexually transmitted infections for sexually active women and men.  They also protect against unintended pregnancy. 
Yet many people don’t know how to properly use a condom. In a study published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS in 2008, men attending an STD clinic reported that during the previous three month period:
• 29 percent put the condom on upside down and then turned it over;
• 28.4 percent removed the condom before completing intercourse;
• 30 percent experienced problems with fit or feel of the condom;
• 31 percent had a condom break.

PPRM encourages men and women to take responsibility for their sexual health; National Condom Week is an opportunity for sexually active partners to discuss whose responsibility it is to provide condoms.  In fact, Planned Parenthood’s line of stylish PROPER ATTIRE® condoms was designed to help women feel more comfortable about buying and carrying condoms.  With chic, fashion-forward packaging, PROPER ATTIRE® condoms allow women to combine their sense of style and commitment to be healthy.  PROPER ATTIRE® condoms are available year round at Planned Parenthood health centers, or they can be ordered online by going to www.properattirecondoms.com.


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains empowers individuals and families in the communities we serve to make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health by providing high quality health services, comprehensive sex education, and strategic advocacy.  More than 123,000 women, men, and young adults annually visit our 28 health centers throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Southern Nevada, and Wyoming.  Since 1916, we have been the region’s most trusted provider of reproductive health care.  For more information about Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, call 1.800.230.PLAN or visit pprm.org for the health center nearest you.

New Era Colorado was founded in 2006 by a small crew of young college graduates, and has grown to become the leading voice for young people in politics around the state. New Era Colorado is a multi-issue organization committed to engaging, educating, and training a new generation of active citizens and young leaders in Colorado. We are a full-spectrum civic engagement organization, in that we provide the resources and tools for young people to gain collective power in all levels of the democratic process, including issue organizing, electoral organizing, and the legislative process. Since 2006, New Era has registered over 25,000 young voters across the state.


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, Inc.


Monica McCafferty




February 14, 2011