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Stories of care, education, and activism.

From patients to volunteers to staff to donors, Planned Parenthood has touched many lives. Each person adds their voice to a rich 100-year history. And we celebrate each of them for their fearlessness in speaking out in a society that tells us not to. 

Frieda's Story

“Health care settings require vulnerability from patients, but Planned Parenthood makes me feel safe in that vulnerability because they recognize the importance of my non-binary identity and how closely it ties into how I feel about my body—including the decisions I make for it. “

Jeanina’s Story

“I grew up in a small town where it’s common for girls to become pregnant in high school. It’s not something that I wanted for myself. Before I found Planned Parenthood, I felt a little hopeless, worried that I would get pregnant and stay in a cycle of poverty.”

Leah's Story

“I tell my story so others can tell theirs. It’s critical that we start sharing our experiences and de-stigmatizing this part of reproductive health care. I had an abortion. Abortion is normal, it’s OK. There’s nothing wrong or immoral about it.”

Lori's Story

“When my mom had cancer, she had treatment options and she got to choose. It should be like that for all health care, especially reproductive care. No one should be dictating to doctors about what they can say to their patients. Medical professionals should provide care without having politicians involved. My legislator shouldn’t interfere with my conversations and care with my doctor.”

Have a story to tell?

Some people don’t understand everything that Planned Parenthood does—from providing health care and education to advocating for reproductive rights. But you aren’t some people. You know how important Planned Parenthood is and you have a story to tell. 

Share Your Story

Isa's Story

“I’m involved with Planned Parenthood for my grandma who didn’t have choices; I do it for my mom, myself, my friends, and I do it for people I don’t know. Everyone deserves to have access to care.”

Share Your Voice

Have you received expert, compassionate care at a Planned Parenthood health center, learned important info about sexual health from our amazing educators, or advocated with us to help protect reproductive rights? Tell us why Planned Parenthood matters to you. Your voice can make a difference. Your story will help show lawmakers, the media, and supporters just what we're fighting for in the weeks and months to come.