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Patient Stories

The nurse practitioner was very helpful with the issue I had about getting my pap smear. She listened to the issues I was having during sex and made sure that I understood what was going on with my body.

Now I am able to feel better about myself because I am able to once again be intimate with my partner.

I wish there was a way that I could thank her enough.


The NP and Clinician were superb in assisting me with my health issue. They were knowledgeable and comforting - I did not feel judgement and with Women's Health, that is rare. VERY thankful for both of them!


She was great, she listened to all my concerns and questions and took her time to answer them, she did not rush me out, she did not seem in a hurry which I appreciated and she answered all my questions in detail and was super helpful I was very thankful for her services


It was such a positive experience. I never felt rushed, lectured, or condescended-everyone had my best interest at heart and wanted me to feel safe.


My nurse practitioner gave me advice in regards to painful sex because of penetration. Her advice helped me with my issue and now sex is no longer painful.


Great experience. Super helpful. It’s usually impossible to find a GYN that can see you when needed. I have yet to find one who can see you in less time than a few months. I need to see someone much sooner than that when it comes family planning issues and reproductive health!  Thank God for y'all!!


Everything was great. I don't know what I would do without Planned Parenthood. So important to the majority of us who have limited or no access to healthcare. Thanks so much again!


Unlike average gyno offices I could afford my appointment at Planned Parenthood for what I found to be just as outstanding service, if not more to be honest.


The nurse that helped me was so relatable. She made me feel comfortable enough that I could be as honest as needed when talking about such personal issues.


All the staff that I came into contact with were knowledgeable, kind, and non-judgmental. I can't speak highly enough of everyone here.


They were incredibly caring, professional, and safety-conscious. My visit was great every step of the way.


My clinician was great, she listened to all my concerns and questions and took her time to answer them in detail. I’m so thankful for your services.


Staff were awesome! So caring and considerate throughout my visit. They made me feel comfortable and supported.


My appointment went great and I'm very pleased with the service I received. The ladies at PP are wonderful.  Thank you so much for all your help!


Every single worker I interacted with was extremely nice. They tried to get me in and out as fast as possible and made the overall experience very pleasurable for me. Thank you to the nurses, doctors, receptionists, and everyone else there for being great!


I was able to get my very first STD test and my very first PAP test ever because of how well versed the staff was and easy to access the center is.


I've never felt so comfortable in a doctor’s office before. It was nice to be able to tell the truth about everything without feeling judged.


They took their time to explain things to me and helped me understand anything I wasn't sure about… I got what I went for, and then some, and finally felt heard and cared about without judgment.


The receptionist was very nice and made the whole process very easy. I had staff do my pregnancy test and they were amazing through the whole process. They were so easy to talk to and didn't make me feel like I was just another patient.


I was nervous going in but they made me feel at ease and explained everything we were going to do and what my next steps were after finding out I was pregnant. I was so happy when I heard the news I cried, and even hugged them. I would recommend this place to everyone


Planned Parenthood is so caring and understanding of my needs.


I really felt that they were listening. Their attitude was positive, reassuring, and non-judgmental. I love [that they] focused on my needs and questions. Again, the non- judgmental approach is vital and they set the standard for that.


I came in for an appointment and the staff who helped me went above and beyond to address any concerns I had. They were patient and kind… They put compassion back into the healthcare field.


The provider was excellent and made me feel safe. They didn't just answer my questions, they were an understanding listener who asked me about my concerns and helped me process through how I was feeling.


The care provider talked with me through my options and helped me come to a conclusion about whether getting a LARC was right for me. I really appreciate them helping me look at every angle. I didn't feel rushed or pressured to make a decision, but was able to be informed.


Each staff member addressed all my concerns as if I was the only one they were helping. Never was there a time that I felt judged or that they were too busy to answer my questions regarding care.

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