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Order birth control, UTI treatment, or emergency contraception right in our app!

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We offer lots more services through telehealth. View our remote services page to see more.

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PPDirect App — All the compassion, none of the hassle

Get your prescription for birth control, UTI treatment or emergency contraception without taking time off work or sitting in traffic. 

If you already know you want the pill, patch or ring, our app is the easiest way to get or renew a prescription. You still get to work with our expert providers, but skip the waiting room 😉.

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In-Person Care

Want a different form of birth control or just prefer an in person visit? We can do that too!

We offer lots of different types of birth control and can provide all the info you need to decide which one is right for you.

Get started with our birth control page or chat with one of our trained health educators by texting PPNOW to 774636. 

Ready to make an appointment? Meeting with our expert providers is a great way to talk through your options. Click here to select which health center you want to visit and make an appointment.

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Still Need Help Deciding Which Birth Control Is Right For You?

Scroll down to learn more about the different methods or schedule an appointment to have one of our clinicians help you figure it out.


The pill is a hormonal birth control that you take every day. There are different kinds with different amounts of hormones, and overall, the pill is about 91% effective. It's also very affordable and can even be free with insurance.

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The patch is a little square that you wear on your body and change weekly. It contains hormones, is about 91% effective, and can cost between $0 and $150.

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The ring is a flexible circle that gets inserted into the vagina and gets replaced on a monthly basis. It contains hormones, is about 91% effective, and can cost between $0 and $200.

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The shot is a hormone that is injected into your arm or butt cheek once every 3 months. It contains hormones, is about 94% effective and can cost between $0 and $150.

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Long Acting

Whether you get an IUD or an implant, once inserted, you don’t have to worry about birth control for years. Insurance can make these options affordable, but without it, they could cost up to $1,300.

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Emergency birth control can be used up to five days after sex if you think you might get pregnant (if you didn’t use birth control or your birth control failed). Your options for emergency birth control are a pill or a copper IUD.

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