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Make your telehealth appointment through the Harrisburg health center today!

All telehealth appointments are virtual and can be attended from anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.

No Appointment Needed with Our App!

You can get birth control, UTI treatment, or emergency contraception without even needing to do a telehealth appointment. Just download our app, answer some health questions, and get your prescription!

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Services Offered Through Telehealth

Telehealth services allow you to have a virtual video visit with one of our licensed clinicians. Telehealth can be a good solution for the following types of health care needs:

Birth Control

Birth control options available through telehealth are

  • Pill
  • Patch
  • Ring
  • Depo shot

For most of these methods, you can pick up your prescription at your pharmacy.

For the shot, you will pick up your prescription at your pharmacy of choice along with instructions for self-injection or you can pick it up from your pharmacy and then schedule a quick injection visit at one of our centers.

You can also get the pill, patch, or ring through our app, PPDirect

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Emergency Contraception

Through telehealth, we can provide you with a prescription for the emergency contraception pill, Ella, which you can then pick up at your local pharmacy. If you don't need a consultation and would rather have an over-the-counter pill (like Plan B or E-Contra-Z) you can just drop in our health center any time we're open.

You can also get emergency contraception through our app, PPDirect

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Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy

Gender-affirming hormone therapy is available through PPKeystone's telehealth service, but depending on your history, it might require you to go to a lab or one of our health centers to have blood drawn or to get other important tests. Click the button below to learn more.

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STD/STI Screening and Treatment

Some STDs/STIs can be evaluated and treated without testing, but depending on what your symptoms are, you might need to go to a lab or one of our health centers to provide a sample. Because of this, you can't book this telehealth appointment online. Please call so we can help you find out if you need to be seen in person or not.

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Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Treatment

Most of the time, a urinary tract infection can be treated without testing. You can make a telehealth appointment online by selecting "Pain/Inflammation/Infection Exam" from the online scheduler or you can submit a request for treatment in our app — no appointment needed

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Vaginitis Treatment (Bacterial Vaginosis/Yeast Infection)

Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are easily treatable through telehealth. Simply select "Pain/Inflammation/Infection Exam" in the online scheduler

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Rash or Lesion Evaluation and Treatment

Evaluation and treatment of a rash or lesion can be done through telehealth most of the time, although, depending on your symptoms, you may need in-person evaluation for labs or to confirm the diagnosis. Schedule your telehealth appointment in the online appointment system by selecting "Pain/Inflammation/Infection Exam" as your visit reason

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In Person Services

To view the additional services we offer in person at our health centers, visit our services page.

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Paying For Your Visit

Using insurance?

PPKeystone is accepting insurance for Telehealth visits. For a list of insurance providers we accept, please click here. Please have your insurance information ready at the time of your appointment. 

Not using insurance?

Patients without insurance will be charged a $50 fee. Please have your credit card information ready at the time of your appointment. Any required/recommended labs and/or medications may have additional costs.

Any patients under the age of 18 without insurance will not be charged for appointments. Any required/recommended labs and/or medications may have additional costs.

Telehealth FAQs

How do I connect with the provider?

Teladoc is our video chat platform. You will receive a link for your appointment that will have prompts for downloading the app and getting into the appointment.

You will connect with a Patient Navigator first and then will be connected to the provider

How much is it if I don’t have insurance?

$50 flat rate fee

Minors without insurance are free

What services can I receive via Telehealth?

Birth Control- Pills, patch, ring, depo shot, and Ella

UTI, BV, Yeast Infection, Herpes Treatment

 STI testing- At an outside lab or one of our centers

What is needed before my appointment?

An updated blood pressure reading is needed before we can release medications. Please make sure to have an updated blood pressure reading prior to your appointment if possible.

I am having trouble connecting to my appointment, what should I do?

First, check your WIFI/Data connection. If you're still having issues connecting, call 267-766-9513 and someone will help get you connected.