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The Louisville city council recently voted to reject an ordinance which would create “buffer zones” around health care facilities providing abortions, such as Planned Parenthood.  
The ordinance failed in a 13-12 vote.  
The ordinance would have preserved health care access, prevented the spread of COVID, and ensured greater safety for patients.   
Councilwoman Marilyn Parker, who voted against the ordinance, cited concerns about “special privileges for safety,” meaning health care patients versus other groups who may be affected by protests.  
Additional reasons the ordinance was voted down included logistical concerns for enforcement and the lack of a “sunset provision for when COVID ends.” But a great deal of the conversation focused on the ethics of abortion itself.  
In the August access newsletter, a spotlight was put on the storm of anti-abortion protests at health centers in Kentucky, such as the Louisville Planned Parenthood health center.  
Louisville Health Center Manager Jessica Carpenter expressed disappointment that the ordinance was not passed but asserted “we’ll continue to work with our security team and local authorities to ensure our patients are protected” from disruptive protestors.  
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