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Behavioral Health Services at Planned Parenthood of Illinois

PPIL offers all new and existing patients a wide variety of behavioral health services from general mental health services to gender-affirming care support to post-abortion counseling.

Our dedicated team of licensed and trusted clinicians meet with recent or established PPIL patients at one of the health centers or through telehealth.

PPIL Behavioral Health Clinicians offer the following assistance:  

  • Pregnancy Options Counseling
  • Post-Abortion Counseling
  • Financial Counseling for Abortion
  • Gender-Affirming Care resources 
  • Sexual and Relationship Violence
  • Crisis Support
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Use 
  • Community Referrals 

What do our services include?

PPIL’s Behavioral Health Services include short-term counseling and case management services to assist patients in immediate need and serve as a bridge to care while linking patients to longer-term therapy. Behavioral Health Clinicians can help patients clarify their thoughts, emotions, and values about their options and the circumstances affecting their decision. PPIL trusts that each patient is their own best expert about their life. Behavioral Health Clinicians will never tell a patient what to do or judge their decision. 


Abortion-specific support

It’s normal for patients to experience a variety of emotions around the decision to have or not have an abortion. Patients can request individual counseling sessions with a Behavioral Health Clinician to explore coping skills and to receive resources based on their individual needs. 

The Behavioral Health team also works with patients to meet financial needs including help accessing funding sources both internal and external to PPIL.

Gender-Affirming Services

Gender-affirming hormone therapy (GAHT) patients can make an appointment with the Behavioral Health team to access case management services and/or psychosocial support. The team can assist with prescription authorizations that are required by some insurance plans, provide letters of support for gender-affirming surgeries or legal document changes. Behavioral Health Clinicians can also provide referrals to transgender non-conforming affirming organizations and services.

Sexual and relationship violence

For patients who have experienced sexual violence or intimate partner violence (IPV), Behavioral Health Clinicians can explore how their experiences may impact their visit, provide patient advocacy and identify referrals for community organizations that specialize in care, healing, and advocacy for survivors.

Community referrals

Some patients may have needs that PPIL is unable to meet directly. In these cases, a Behavioral Health Clinician can provide referrals to appropriate community organizations that can meet the patient’s needs. Some common referrals that Behavioral Health Clinicians give out include long-term therapy, food assistance, services for survivors of sexual violence/IPV, government benefits, pre-natal care, adoption, and post-abortion support.

Call to make your appointment today

Behavioral Health Clinicians are not available at every PPIL health center. However, PPIL Behavioral Health Clinicians are available by phone to all PPIL patients