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We’re now in the final sprint to the end of session, and a number of bills on our radar are at various stages of the legislative process.  As we head toward June 8 sine die, here are the latest updates on the session and how to get involved:  

Last week, HB 648, a proposed ban on gender-affirming care for minors, was defeated in the Louisiana Senate Health and Welfare Committee by a 5-4 vote. The bill, which first passed the House on May 16, would have prohibited anyone under age 18 from receiving this essential health care in the state. 

With the bill’s defeat, Louisiana has narrowly bucked a dangerous national trend of restricting the health and rights of LGBTQ+ people: This year alone, 15 states have enacted similar bans on gender-affirming care for transgender youth. 


Please take a moment to thank the five members of the committee who voted to defer this dangerous bill.  

Sen. Fred Mills, Chair: [email protected] 

Sen. Regina Ashford Barrow: [email protected] 

Sen. Gary Carter: [email protected] 

Sen. Gerald Boudreaux: [email protected] 

Sen. Jay Luneau: [email protected]  

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Action on PPGC-Supported Bills:  

  • HB 117, a bill that would ensure all public schools provide free menstrual products, passed the Senate Education Committee and is pending scheduling for a full vote on the Senate floor.  
  • HB 186, which provides health insurance coverage for fertility preservation services, passed the Senate Insurance Committee and is pending scheduling in the Senate Finance Committee.  
  • HB272, which provides insurance coverage for maternity support services of doulas, is pending scheduling in the Senate Insurance Committee.  
  • SB 135, a bill to allow Medicaid coverage for services provided by a licensed midwife, passed the House Health and Welfare Committee and is scheduled for a full House floor vote on Tuesday, May 30.  


Action on PPGC-Opposed Bills:

  • HB 81, aka the “deadname bill,” which prohibits the use of certain names and pronouns for students in public schools,  passed the House and now awaits scheduling in the Senate Education Committee.  
  • HB 466, aka the “don’t say gay” bill, is also pending scheduling in the Senate Education Committee.  
  • SB 41,  which would provide tax credits on donations to Crisis Pregnancy Centers – dedicated anti-abortion organizations that regularly trick and deceive patients about their reproductive health options – passed the Senate after being  stripped of oversight and regulatory reporting requirements.  This bill was reported favorably in the House Ways and Means Committee and was recommitted to the House Appropriations Committee, where it is now awaiting scheduling.  
  • SB 7,  the library censorship bill that specifically targets LGBTQ+ materials, also passed the Senate and is pending scheduling for a full vote on the House floor.

NOT SURE WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS SO FAR? See our Legislative Session 101 Guide here. 


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