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Patient Care

First and foremost, PPGC is still here for our patients in Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Currently, we are working to reduce exposure and the risks associated with the spread of COVID-19 while easing the burden on the already-stressed health care system.

  • Both health centers in Louisiana are once again being utilized for patient care. We have been able to slowly expand services as state restrictions are lifted.
  • PPGC has been providing a tremendous amount of care via telephone, and, as of April 1, we established a direct-to-consumer video telehealth system that has expanded our health service offerings. This has become an increasingly popular option for patients throughout our service area to be able to connect directly with one of PPGC’s clinicians without leaving home.

Telehealth Services

In response to the current public health crisis, PPGC launched direct-to-consumer telehealth services in Louisiana on April 1 to ease the burden on patients who cannot travel to one of our health centers.

  • Telehealth appointment utilization has rapidly increased in the short time we have offered the service, and we expect it will continue to grow in the coming months.
  • Since we began of offering telehealth services, we have seen over 1,400 patients.

Family Planning Services

We have taken several measures to stay open for patients who most need us and implementing innovative methods for providing services, while adhering to state guidelines to slow the spread of the virus throughout this crisis.

  • We are currently offering curbside Depo shots, where from the safety of their cars patients can receive their injection from a clinician that administers it to them in their car. 
  • PPGC is providing in-person care for expanding available services as state restrictions are lifted. Services now available include: preventive care, problem visits, testing and treatment of STDs, PrEP, pregnancy tests, LARC insertion and removal, dysplasia, curbside Depo shots, and vasectomies.
  •  If you need an appointment, please call 1-800-230-PLAN.

Regardless of what happens, we are dedicated to ensuring the best and continued care for our patients. The situation is changing day by day, and we continue to modify our response to this public health crisis as needed to maintain patient and staff safety.  Click here to learn more about our health center hours in both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.



Baton Rouge Sisters Saving Sisters

In June, we had our first Sisters Saving Sisters “Reclaiming Our Time” monthly meet up. This space creates an opportunity to check in with one another, engage in different discussions, and support each other. For our first session, we had a wellness check, a brief history lesson about “Juneteenth,” and ended with a guided meditation. 

Looking Ahead:

In July, Baton Rouge will have its first TeenTalk: Summer Learning Series. TeenTalk: Summer Learning Series is the first of its kind. TeenTalk will be led by teenREACH peer educators on a variety of topics and is for young people between the ages of 14 and 18. To find out more info or to register to attend, click here.

TeenTalk Event Dates:

  • Saturday, July 11th (1pm-2pm): Healthy Relationships
  • Saturday, July 18th (1pm-2pm): Birth Control Options
  • Saturday, July 25th (1pm-2pm): STDs
  • Saturday, August 1st (1pm-2pm): Healthy Sexuality 

Baton Rouge teenREACH training: July 27- July 31st 

Summer Learning Series 2020

We are so excited to share with you that PPGC Education is providing virtual sessions this summer on a range of topics. Most of our sessions are for adults (ages 25+) and high school youth (14-18); however, we also have a few sessions for young adults (18-25) and middle school youth (12-14). We even have one session for educators and professionals who work with students in preK-12 settings. 

Our first four-week series ran June 8 through July 3, and we will repeat those sessions with the same content during a second four-week series from July 13 through August 7. All sessions are approximately 30 - 45 minutes and will take place via Zoom.



Election Information

We know that Louisiana is a state with an extremely hostile environment for equity issues such as reproductive freedom, voting rights, access to health care, equal pay, employment discrimination, reproductive justice, LGBTQX Rights, environmental protection, access to quality and affordable housing, and immigrant rights. Our Strategic Partnerships team has been working on a campaign that gives an overview of the federal court system and how it is significantly impacting liberty, equality and dignity of this generation and generations to come.

Why Courts Matter is a campaign that allows our supporters the opportunity to learn about the importance of the federal courts in addressing important issues, the impact of the Trump administration lifetime court appointments and what we all can do to disrupt the nomination and appointment process of these judges.

One of our major efforts during our Why Courts Matter campaign has been to educate people about why our vote is so important. The current administration, along with the Senate, is remaking an entire branch of government by filling lifetime judicial seats. Senate leadership has confirmed almost 200 federal judges that were nominated by the current administration — an unprecedented blitz that has remade the judicial branch. While we might not be able to vote for who these judges are, we are able to vote for the person who selects them. If you aren’t registered, head to ppgulfcoast.org/vote and get it taken care of.

Together, we have the ability to hold the power.


Presidential Preference Primary, Municipal Primary, and State Representative, 54th Representative District Special Election

  • Election date: July 11
  • The deadline to request an absentee by mail ballot is July 7 by 4:30 p.m. You can request an absentee by mail ballot online through Voter Portal or in writing through your Registrar of Voters Office (other than military and overseas voters).
  • The deadline for a registrar of voters to receive a voted mail ballot is July 10 by 4:30 p.m. (other than military and overseas voters).

Register to vote here

Voting Quick Facts

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