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For the LGBT Community.

With 4.3% of individuals in the Columbus metropolitan area identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio understand the importance of providing inclusive, compassionate programs and services for all Ohioans.

Each of us has a biological sex.

Whether we are female, male, or intersex. Biological sex is determined by your physical features, including your sex organs.

Our gender is our social and legal status as women or men.

Our gender identity is our deepest feelings about our gender. We express our gender identity in the way that we act feminine, masculine, neither, or both.

Some of us identify as transgender...

...which means that our biological sex and our gender identity do not match up.

Each of us has a sexual orientation.

You may be bisexual, gay, lesbian, or straight. Or you may be "questioning" - unsure about your sexual orientation.

Because sex and gender are so complex, you may have many questions.

You may wonder about your own sexual orientation or gender identity, or you may wonder about someone you know. You may have questions about how society views sex and gender - including homophobia, sexism, and transphobia.

We can help. Staff at your local Planned Parenthood heath center can talk with you and help you find the information, services, and resources that you need.