In the Schools.

The Education and Outreach Department at Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio offers valuable medically accurate, evidence-based sexuality education programs to area schools, youth groups, social service agencies, civic organizations, educators, parents, clergy groups, and other professionals.

Our education programs cover...
  • Adolescent Sexuality Issues

  • Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

  • Conception, Fetal Development, Birth

  • Birth Control Methods & Family Planning

  • Healthy Decision-Making

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Midlife and Menopause Issues

  • Parents as Sexuality Educators

  • Responsible Decision-Making

  • Safer Sex Options

  • Sexuality and the Media

  • STIs and HIV/AIDS Prevention

  • Teen Pregnancy Issues

  • Delaying Intercourse

  • Speakers Bureau:  Information on Planned Parenthood services, women’s health, comprehensive sexuality education, STI trends, and reproductive rights.