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To help minimize potential exposure of patients and staff to COVID-19, we may be able to schedule your visit through telehealth. This means that, instead of coming to our health centers for your visit, our providers will reach you at or near the time of your scheduled appointment.

Common Appointments

  • Birth control starts, problems and renewals
  • Vaginal infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)
  • STI screenings
  • HIV PrEP
  • Gender-Affirming Hormone Care

Schedule an Appointment

Call us at 1-866-600-6886 to make an appointment, or book online. Once you have scheduled an appointment, PPCWNY will contact you via telephone 15 minutes before your scheduled start time and then provide you with the telehealth appointment access link.

You can access this link through your smartphone or a computer. No app is needed.

Prepare for Your Appointment

Your appointment will be conducted securely via video chat, similar to FaceTime or Skype. You should be in a well-lit, private, and quiet location with good internet connectivity during the appointment. Telehealth appointments work on mobile devices (via web browser) and desktops using the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Once you are connected, be sure to allow microphone and video access.

Important Note

Please note: If you miss your appointment, you will need to call for a new appointment. PPCWNY will email, text and call you before your slot is removed. If the call drops, we will call you back. 

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Once you are in, you will be placed in a “virtual waiting room” and will get “checked-in” by a staff person. They will do your intake, take your insurance to pay for your visit and get you ready for the visit. Note, during COVID-19 there are no copays needed. If you do not have insurance, PPCWNY will work with you on our sliding fee scale. After “check-in” you will be placed in the “back waiting room” while you wait for the provider. This can take from 2 to 10 minutes. 

Plan Your Approach

Think about what you want to accomplish during your appointment. Try to prioritize what’s most important for you during the call, as time may be limited.

With you, have any information that you want to share, like a positive pregnancy test, prescription refill information and/or any labs. Please have your insurance and ID for verification.

Get Ready at Home

Find a quiet, private place to talk – away from children, pets and other distractions. Make sure you can be there for 30 minutes or so. Most appointments last about 15 minutes. Charge or plug in your phone or computer; get some paper and a pen for taking notes. It is helpful to use headphones if you can. Please sit in one spot and plan to not move around. We will not have visits if you are operating a vehicle. Be sure to stay on the line until the call is completed.

Talk it Through

Your conversation with the provider will be much like an in-person appointment. Write down what you want to discuss before you start, to make sure you cover everything. Be prepared to answer these questions: 

  • What prompted this appointment today?
  • What symptoms do you have? How long have they been going on, and how have they developed and changed over time?
  • What do you need?

It is safe and smart to call us if you need care. At Planned Parenthood, our doors are open to everyone, including undocumented immigrants and refugees. We do not report anyone’s documentation status to government authorities. Call us today for more information: 1-866-600-6886

Es una decisión segura e inteligente. Llámenos si necesitas atención médica. En Planned Parenthood, nuestras puertas están abiertas para todos incluyendo inmigrantes y refugiados. No reportamos su estado migratorio a el gobierno. Llámenos hoy al 1-866-600-6886 para más información.

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