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Meet the Public Affairs Team

Have you been attending PPCWNY’s Abortion 101 information sessions? Have you ever traveled to Albany to take part in a Day of Action, or marched with Planned Parenthood in the Pride Parade? Did you help assemble one of the hundreds of care packages we’ve been distributing to our abortion patients?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above – or participated in other community events or initiatives hosted by PPCWNY – it’s thanks to our Public Affairs team.

Public Affairs (PA) serves as the bridge between PPCWNY and its mission of providing accessible, equitable reproductive health care, and the community it serves. The department supports the strategic work of PPCWNY’s CEO and Board, handles marketing and public relations, and gets the word out about our programs, services, and legislative priorities.

“The Public Affairs team is responsible for making our communities aware of our services and the incredible work our Health Services and Programs Departments are carrying out on a daily basis,” VP of Public and Executive Affairs Maddie Donovan explained. “Finally, we work to cultivate activists and stakeholders to promote key legislative priorities on the state and federal levels that will bring us closer to actualizing our vision.”

PA’s vision for this year includes lifting up PPCWNY’s many programs – In Control, The Connection, RESTORE, Teen Reality Theater, Peer Health Advocacy – via education and outreach as well as raising awareness about New York State’s upcoming Equal Rights Amendment referendum. “In 2023, we will be focusing on registering folks to vote and sharing information about the importance of passing this ballot initiative,” Maddie said. “November 2024 will be here before we know it!”

Pandemic-depending, Public Affairs also plans to host “more in-person events that advance our mission and build community and connection” this year. Maddie added, “My team and I are interested in hearing the types of activities our volunteers would like to see us roll out!”

Recognition of the integral role PPCWNY volunteers play in Public Affairs initiatives is a common refrain among the team --  if PA is the bridge connecting PPCWNY and the public, then our volunteers are some of the planks and nails holding that bridge together.

Meredith O., Manager of Community & Public Affairs, revealed that her favorite PA experience thus far -- “mak[ing] our voices heard on important issues regarding sexual and reproductive justice” at the 2023 Day of Action -- “was made all the better by our incredible volunteers who participated.” Both Maddie and Public Affairs and Marketing Coordinator Sara C. shouted out the impact volunteers have had on the care package project. “With the collaboration of volunteers and health center staff, we’re able to provide tangible support for people coming to PPCWNY for abortion care,” Sara stressed. “This project has been such a success,” Maddie agreed, “and it would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers!”

Do you have ideas for future Public Affairs activities? Would you like to learn more about current PA initiatives? Please email [email protected].

If you’d like volunteer for upcoming PA events, please email [email protected].

PPCWNY staff at day of action