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State law requires all women seeking an abortion to have at least 2 visits to the abortion facility.

The first visit is for an ultrasound, and the second visit is for the procedure. We understand that requiring multiple visits makes things more challenging for women, but it is mandated by Texas state law.

State law assumes all women seeking abortions are minors until they prove otherwise, and places the burden of proof on the physician performing the abortion to request a proof of identity and age. Only certain forms of identification meet this state requirement. To see what forms of identification are acceptable, please click here.

Do minors need their parent’s permission to get an abortion?

Yes. In Texas and Louisiana, state law requires that the parent or legal guardian provide written permission for unmarried minors (under the age of 18) to have an abortion. There are a few exceptions:

  1. The minor can go before a judge and receive permission from the judge to have an abortion without the parent’s permission (also known as Judicial Bypass). Call 713-535-2400 and our staff can give you information about Parental Consent or Judicial Bypass. Or visit Jane's Due Process page.
  2. Minors who are legally emancipated do not need to have permission from a parent or guardian.
  3. If there is a medical emergency and the pregnant minor needs an abortion, the parent does not have to give permission.

At Planned Parenthood, we encourage all minors to tell a parent, guardian or custodian of their decision to terminate a pregnancy.