PPRM offers free or low cost clinical breast exams, pap tests, and mammogram referrals to qualifying women in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico.

Child Birth Preparation Classes

PPRM provides a superior and non-judgmental birthing class experience at an affordable price!

Men's Sexual Health Program

Our Menís Sexual Health Program offers specialized care for the evaluation and treatment of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Get Political!

Get involved with Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado and make a difference in important political campaigns!

Do you know we eat, drink, breathe, and touch chemicals around us every day that can be toxic to our reproductive health?
Planned Parenthood Green Choices is a great place for information you can use to protect yourself, family, and community.

walk-ins welcome

We accept walk-ins for nearly all of our services at all of our health centers!

Online Appointment Requests

You can request an appointment online at many of our health centers, or simply call 1.800.230.PLAN.

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