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Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas provides age-appropriate, medically accurate sexual health education to more than 11,000 teens and parents annually across North and Central Texas.

Texas has the third highest rate of teen pregnancies and the highest rate of repeat teen births in the US. Our signature education and outreach programs employ a three-part approach that engages parents, educators, and peers to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases in the communities we serve. Learn more.

Talk First!
Talk First! (or Hable Primero! in Spanish) is an innovative bilingual education program for parents. Workshops provide moms and dads with tools and resources to start having conversations about sexuality with their children. Because young people who talk with their parents about sex are more likely to postpone having sex and make healthier decisions about sexual behavior, this program is an effort to increase that communication. Successful in improving parents' knowledge about sexual health issues, Talk First! can be tailored for families with kids of any age.

TeenAge Communication Theatre 
TeenAge Communication Theatre (TACT) is performance group that allows high school students in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to perform peer-to-peer outreach on issues important to teens. Participating students learn about and share information on peer pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol, dating violence, self-esteem, and pregnancy prevention. TACT members train with local health educators to have up-to-date knowledge of these topics for their performances. Learn more about TACT.

Nobody's Fool
Nobody's Fool in Waco is a nationally recognized comprehensive sex education program for young people that encourages abstinence, promotes parent-child communication, and delivers medically accurate and age-appropriate information about sexuality. Nobody's Fool empowers youth, providing them with factual information so that they can make smart decisions, stay healthy throughout their lives, and talk openly with their parents about sexuality. Workshops focus on important subjects relevant to young teens and pre-teens: puberty, dating, relationships, avoiding peer pressure, postponing sexual activity; and preventing sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Nobody's Fool educators provide workshops year-round and upon request at locations across the Waco area.

To learn more about our education and community outreach programs, contact a representative in your area:

(512) 485-0130 ext. 417

North Texas
(817) 882-1155 ext. 23236

(254) 492-1779

Para obtener más información acerca de nuestros programas educativos para la comunidad en español, contacte la educadora en salud bilingüe de Planned Parenthood a (512) 485-0130 ext.

Find more resources for parents, teens, and educators from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America website.

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Education and Training