Clinician Training Initiative

In 1993, PPNYC launched the Clinician Training Initiative to close the gap between the need for abortion services and the number of clinicians trained to provide abortions.  CTI continues to pursue that mission through its partnerships with family medicine and obstetrics/gynecology resident training programs in New York City.

CTIís mission has expanded to include training and education programs in pregnancy options counseling, ultrasound, colposcopy, and other reproductive health services.  CTI trains a wide range of health care professionals Ė nurses, certified nurse-midwives, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, as well as physicians.  Currently, we can offer training only to clinicians who work at other Planned Parenthood affiliates or who are in residency programs or health professions schools with which we have an existing contractual relationship. 

CTIís training activities have both local and global impact. In addition to training health professionals unaffiliated with Planned Parenthood, CTI is dedicated to the development of PPNYCís own health care providers through ongoing clinical training and continuing medical education.  CTI also participates in international alliances, providing clinical training and assistance to increase access to abortion services in other countries Ė most recently in the Caribbean region.

CTI is a strategic leader not only in clinical training, but in research as well. In collaboration with local academic institutions and other womenís health organizations, CTI has fostered the development of new and expanded reproductive health care options for women.

To find out more about CTIís trainings and research, call (212) 274-7255.


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