For Parents

When can I have sex? What is a condom? Where do babies come from? Why do I think my friend is so cute?

Are these questions you have already heard from your kids? Are they questions you welcome or dread?

Talking about sex with our children isn't always easy. Planned Parenthood believes parents can and should be the primary sexuality educators of their children. Most parents want to discuss sex with their kids, but they are often unsure of what to say and when to say it. And, believe it or not, most kids want their parents to talk to them about sex. That is why PPM offers programs for parents to address sexuality issues accurately and appropriately with their children within their own value system.

When parents talk to their children openly and honestly, their children are much more likely to make responsible, healthy choices in the future.

Resources for parents are available on-line. Click here to learn about Maryland laws regarding minors and reproductive health.

Planned Parenthood will ensure that sexuality is understood as an essential, lifelong aspect of being human and that it is celebrated with respect, openness and mutuality.

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