National Condom Week


National Condom Week is a time to remember that safer sex is the best sex. This week offers the perfect opportunity to talk with your partners about using condoms, stock up on FREE condoms from PPLM, and learn about all the benefits of condom use.


Using condoms during sex is a great (and easy!) way to protect your sexual health:

  • Condoms help prevent pregnancy - when used correctly, condoms are 98% effective.
  • Condoms reduce the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Condoms can be used with another form of birth control, such as the pill or IUD, for extra protection.
  • Condoms come in different sizes, colors, and even flavors.
  • Condoms have no side effects and don’t require a prescription.
  • Best of all, condoms are FREE at PPLM!
Make sure you’re prepared. Read these instructions or watch this video so you know the right way to put on a condom. Then come in to any PPLM health center for free condoms! When you get home, store the condoms in cool, dry place; exposing condoms to heat and light, such as in your wallet or car, make them more likely to break.
Want to learn some fun facts about condoms? Stay tuned to our Facebook page during National Condom Week for a new fact every day!



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