Who Can Use the IUD?

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We all want to be healthy and safe. So, we all need to carefully consider our health care decisions. Serious side effects of the IUD, though rare, may be more likely if you have certain conditions. Some of these conditions may even rule out using an IUD.

Most healthy women can use an IUD, including younger women who have not had children. Your health care provider will help you decide if the IUD is right for you.

You should not use an IUD if you

  • have had a pelvic infection following either childbirth or an abortion in the past three months
  • have or may have a sexually transmitted infection or other pelvic infection
  • think you might be pregnant
  • have cervical cancer that hasn't been treated
  • have cancer of the uterus
  • have unexplained bleeding in your vagina
  • have pelvic tuberculosis
  • have a uterine perforation during IUD insertion

A health care provider may find that the unique size, shape, or condition of a womanís uterus does not allow correct placement of an IUD. This is not common.

You should not use the ParaGard IUD if you

  • have, or may have, an allergy to copper or have Wilson's Disease ó an inherited disease that blocks the bodyís ability to get rid of copper

You should not use the Mirena IUD if you

  • have severe liver disease
  • have, or may have, breast cancer

If you have a condition that makes it unsafe to use an IUD, donít worry. There are many other methods of birth control that may be safe for you. Read about other methods to find one that is right for you.

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