What Happens When You Have an IUD Inserted

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To get an IUD, you need to visit a health care provider. Your health care provider will ask you some questions about your medical history and the way you live your life. It is important to be open about your sex life because the IUD may not be right for you. But donít worry. There are many other birth control methods to choose from if you cannot use the IUD.

If an IUD seems to be a good choice for you, your health care provider will check your vagina and internal organs.  You may be tested for sexually transmitted infections or for other infections to make sure itís safe for you to get an IUD. If you have any kind of pelvic infection, you may need treatment before getting an IUD.

An IUD can be inserted at any time of the month. But it is usually more comfortable if you have it inserted in the middle of your menstrual cycle. That is when the cervix ó the opening to the uterus ó is the most open.

An IUD can be inserted after a pregnancy or abortion.

You can have an IUD inserted

  • up to 48 hours after giving birth OR after waiting at least four weeks after giving birth. Women who are breastfeeding should wait four weeks before having a Mirena IUD inserted.
  • immediately after an aspiration abortion
  • four weeks after a D&E abortion
  • when the abortion is complete after taking the abortion pill. Your health care provider can help you decide when to get the IUD inserted.

A health care provider will insert the IUD. The IUD is inserted into the uterus through the cervix using special instruments.

It is common for women to feel some cramping when the IUD is inserted. Many women only feel mild discomfort. The cramps go away after you rest, or if you take some pain medication. Some health care providers suggest that women take pain medication before the IUD is inserted to lessen the cramps. Some health care providers inject a local anesthetic around the cervix to reduce discomfort.

When the IUD is inserted, some women may feel dizzy. Rarely, a woman might faint. You can ask someone to come with you when you get the IUD inserted so you donít have to drive or go home alone. You should plan to rest at home until any discomfort goes away.

When the IUD is in place, a string will hang down into the vagina.  It will be about one to two inches long.

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