Patients of Planned Parenthood Say "Thank You"

This link to YouTube shows videos from our patients who talk openly and honestly about the health care issues that brought them to Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and about why the care they received was so important…in some cases, life-saving. Please take a moment to watch these videos and hear their stories by clicking here. Then, take action to help us reach the wider public, by emailing the YouTube link, or reposting the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Help us share our stories.

Setting the Record Straight: One in every five women have turned to Planned Parenthood at some time in their lives for professional, non-judgmental and confidential care. More than 90% of the care that Planned Parenthood provides nationally is preventive. In these tough economic times, more women than ever need access to essential health care services. But our opponents continue to bombard the public with false accusations and misinformation about both our mission and our record of service. We have been told to expect renewed attacks in Congress in the coming year and we must be ready. We are counting on you to help us share these stories with the larger public.With your help, our “Thank You Planned Parenthood” campaign will work to set the record straight.

Other Ways To Help

  • Volunteer: If you live in the greater Capitol Region of New York State, contact us to see how you can help fight for continued funding for Planned Parenthood; for access to affordable reproductive health services; for the right to reproductive choice; and for comprehensive, medically accurate sex education in our schools. For information about volunteering at Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, click here.
  • Make a Donation: Your gift will help support our education, advocacy and medical care in Albany, Columbia, Greene and Rensselaer Counties. Find out more by moving to our donations page on the web site.
  • Become an Email Activist: Join the Planned Parenthood Action Network and stay informed about threats to reproductive health care and reproductive rights on a local, state and national basis
  • Make An Appointment: If you or someone you knows needs affordable, confidential and professional reproductive health care services, consider a call to 1-800-230-PLAN which will connect the caller to the nearest Planned Parenthood Health Center. For detailed information about UHPP medical services, click here.

If you have any comments or questions on this campaign, please feel free to contact our Marketing Director at 518.434.5678, ext 131 or by email at

Thank you for your help!

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