Tedda Smith Paintings

Purchasing a painting by the late Tedda Smith is a great way to support the SRPP Endowment Fund

Tedda Smith Raffle
Enter to win the Tedda Smith painting of your choice.  Tickets are available in Southern Humboldt at Blue Moon, Eagle's Perch, Dr. Peter Stern's Office, and Pharmacy Express.  The first drawing will be December 3rd at Arts Alive.

Paintings for Sale
If you are interested in purchasing one of the paintings shown here, please contact Six Rivers Planned Parenthood at 442-2961. 


Honky Tonk

41" x 31"    



Two Street

14" x 20"

Sale Price: $220


Three of a Kind

25" x 21"

Sale Price: $430


Dapper Dan

20" x 23"

Sale Price: $400 


By Request

20" x 23"

Sale Price: $500 



Last Chance Saloon

41" x 31"   




21" x 25"

Sale Price: $470 


Mother's Day

23" x 27"

Sale Price: $430 


The Dream

30" x 24"

Sale Price: $520 


Flo's Party

25" x 31"

Sale Price: $540 


Is This All There Is?

25" x 31"

Sale Price: $350 


East Branch Cliffs

21" x 21"

Sale Price: $220 



25" x 25"

Sale Price: $430 


East Branch River

15" x 20"


(sizes are approximate)

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