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Featured Speakers

Amy Doczy

Amy Doczy earned her Master's of Public Health with a Maternal and Child Health focus from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1996. She has spent the past 23 years working in various aspects of reproductive health. Amy has been the Director of Abortion Services at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin since 2011, where she works to minimize abortion access barriers and ensure that every patient can access compassionate, high quality health care. 

Together We Can Make Shift Happen

Cindy Lee Alves

Cindy Lee Alves is an award-winning sexologist, educator, and writer with over a decade of experience in facilitating challenging conversations with both adults and young people. She has taught thousands of people on topics including comprehensive sexuality education, youth development, pleasure, gender, and social justice. As they take their expertise on the road, Cindy Lee travels for workshops, keynotes, and professional development; they also host the podcast, “On Shuffle with Cindy Lee”. 

Fabulous and Thriving: Wellness in the Land of Fatphobia

Courtney Hayward

Courtney Hayward is passionate about using her knowledge and expertise to provoke change in the lives of those who need it the most. As the Government Relations Specialists at Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin she is the registered Lobbyist for the organization where she uses her knowledge of policy issues and the inner workings of government to influence legislation at the local and state level. Through managing PPAWI’s endorsement process and her lobbying efforts on issues that extend beyond reproductive health, Courtney uses her voice and influence to bring other voices to political tables that may not otherwise be heard.

Path to Power 

Darlene Johns

Darlene Johns is an organizer and activist, and full spectrum doula in training where they find their roots in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are also serving as a Public Ally for Black Leaders Organizing for Communities with a focus on capacity building. In their work they offer themself curiosity, a desire to be learning continuously, and a passion and personal investment in serving to promote healing in Milwaukee with emphasis on Queer and Trans, and BIPOC communities.

Black & Brown Bodies in the holding of Queer Reproductive Liberation

Elizabeth Wolfe

Elizabeth Wolfe has been a Health Educator with Planned Parenthood for four years and has worked in Health Education for over eight years. Her favorite topics include creating inclusive spaces for the LGBTQ community, consent, body positivity, pleasure and kink.

There's Bound to Be Someone Into Kink: An Intro to Kink for Educators, Health Care Professionals, and the Curious

Elle Hill

Elle Hill is a Black woman of trans experience, dedicated to equity, visibility and inclusivity of all LGBTQIA/QTPOC. She is currently placed as a Public Ally at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, serves on the Advisory Boards of two Wisconsin Department of Health Services agencies, and is a member of the National Black AIDS Institute Ambassadorship of Biomedical Prevention. She is also a member of The Board of Directors at Diverse and Resilient. Elle is a recipient of the 2019 Rising Star Award for Volunteerism Recipient Black Trans Advocacy Coalition (BTAC), is a 2019 Milwaukee Pridefest Individual of the Year Award recipient, and a Transfaith Bobbie Jean Baker & Gender Reveal podcast Grantee. Her mother is Evangelist Veronica Sears; Elle’s community work honors her mother’s example of unconventional community leadership. 

Public Allyship: My Journey to Advocacy

Emily Aytes

Emily Aytes is an educator with Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky who teaches inclusive, comprehensive sex education to youth in Indianapolis, Indiana. She is also the facilitator of the Indianapolis Teen Council program, which empowers local high school students to learn how to become sex educators so they can teach their peers. 

Teen Council: Empowering Peer Education and Teaching Sex Education in the Community

Erica Koepsel

Erica Koepsel is a program manager for the Providers and Teens Communicating for Health (PATCH) Program. As a sexual health educator, she’s been working to improve health education for adolescents for over 10 years.

Providers and Teens Communicating for Health

Grayson Schultz

Grayson Schultz is a writer, sex educator, and health activist currently located in Madison, WI. They work to open hearts and minds to conversations about sex, chronic illness, pain, and disability through their website, Chronic Sex.

Neurodiversity and Sex – for Muggles!

Janet Serrano

Janet Serrano has been doing Community outreach work and advocacy since she was 16 years old. Working with Youth empowered in the struggle the youth arm of Voces de la Frontera motivated her to educate her community on issues that affected them. She advocates for reproductive justice, racial justice, and criminal justice every day. Janet is the PPWI Public Affairs Organizer for SE Wisconsin where she works to build leadership in communities of color and creates relationships with other grassroots organizations in order to work together on creating a better tomorrow.

Path to Power: On the Ground Work to Lobbying and Advocacy

Laura Brundage

Laura Brundage has their Master of Social Work (MSW) and is currently an Inclusivity & Diversity Consultant and Professional Trainer. Laura has a rich background working on reproductive and social justice issues, especially those regarding LGBTQ+ identities and rights.

Intimate Partner Violence in LGBTQ+ Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships

"Preferred" Pronouns: Moving Beyond the Inclusion Check-box

Livia Rowell-Ortiz

Livia Rowell-Ortiz  unites the queer and Latinx passion of her identity to support the prosperity of the Latinx culture and community power can inform the social justice movement in Wisconsin.  She is the Raíz organizer of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin, a position that supports the importance of Latinx community advocacy by Latinxs. In communities across the state she strategizes for gains in quality and equitable healthcare through policy, action, and collaboration in government and in our organizations.  

Trans Advocacy and the Reproductive Justice Movement in Wisconsin

Lucky Tomaszek, LM, CPM

Lucky Tomaszek LM, CPM, is a community midwife, sexuality educator, and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. Lucky is the sole practitioner at Transitions: Birth Services for Every Body and the education coordinator at The Tool Shed. She also writes the semi-monthly column, "MKE SEX" at MilwaukeeRecord.com, and has contributed to Madison Young’s "The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood."  

Community Midwifery and Non-traditional Family Structures: Looking Back to Move Forward

Meghan Benson, MPH, CHES

MEGHAN BENSON, MPH, CHES is the Director of Education at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. Meghan Benson, MPH, CHES, has been with the PPWI Education Department for 12 years, providing sexual and reproductive health education and training. Meghan is currently a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Zilber School of Public Health. She serves as chair of the Dane County Youth Commission and secretary for the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health Board of Directors and recently ended a 2-year term as co-chair of the Maternal and Child Health Section and served as a member of the Conference Planning Committee for the Wisconsin Public Health Association.

Sex in the time of COVID 

PATCH Teen Educators

The PATCH Teen Educators are high school students from many diverse backgrounds who are experts on the concerns of young people. They use storytelling and guided discussion to share their health experiences and advocate for youth-friendly changes within health care systems.

Providers and Teens Communicating for Health

Rachelle Hoehnen

Rachelle Hoehnen is Manager of Organizational Development at Planned Parenthood of WI. She is passionate about working to improve both patient experience and employee engagement through abortion stigma reduction and education.

Together We Can Make Shift Happen

Sara Jetson

Sara Jetson is a certified Spanish/English healthcare interpreter who worked at Planned Parenthood Wisconsin for 3 years. She is passionate about providing inclusive healthcare to patients of all identities.

Asexual Health Care: An Introduction

Steven Webb

Steven Webb is the Director of Organizing at Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin. He has been with PPWI for over six years, helping to steward community outreach and organizing efforts in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. Steven is a tremendous ambassador for PPWI and a leader in PPWI's efforts to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion within the organization. Steven was Founder and President of Planned Parenthood VOX chapter at Alabama State University, where he worked to expand knowledge of sexual health needs and was awarded the Planned Parenthood Federation of America “Dream Keepers Do’ers Award.” He also served as President of the Alabama State University College Democrats.

Path to Power  

Tia Renier

Tia Renier (she/her) is dedicated to healthy women, families, and communities, and serves as the Advocacy and Outreach Program Manager at PPWI. Her path started with a degree in Social Work. She has experience in youth and family services, training evaluation, and applied psychology.

Difficult Conversations: The Conversational Approach

Yante Turner

Yante Turner is an openly Trans & Queer Black change agent of Milwaukee. With his background in community care and trans liberation work, Yante serves to uplift, support, and advocate for the diaspora of Black Trans people. His passion leads him to wear many hats and have a role in the world as fluid and open as he is. His many roles and hats include working as a Full Spectrum Doula for queer and Trans BIPOC, providing labor support care, abortion advocacy, community defense and Safety task force curator, and a facilitator of all the things Trans, Black, Healing, joyful and challenging! Creating affirming spaces that also foster continuous learning are important factors in Yante’s work, as the fight to decolonize, stripe white supremacy from our communities, and love radically stand at the forefront of his work and life. When he isn’t being an advocate (you never really stop or clock out) you can find him nose deep in a book or a garden bed, traveling and experiencing the world, eating food he has no business eating, and caring for his zoo of animals! He has an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, and a Virgo Rising!

Black & Brown Bodies in the holding of Queer Reproductive Liberation

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Aisha Troy

Aisha Troy es una inmigrante de Peru y promotora de salud con PPWI por casi dos años. Ella es madre de dos niños y vive con el menor que tiene 13 años. Su objetivo es continuar con el trabajo de promotora ya que le da la oportunidad de ayudar a su comunidad.

La Justicia Reproductiva

Amy Perez

Amy Perez es una activista queer de Madison, Wisconsin. Esta cursando su último año de la carrera de enfermería en la Universidad de Wisconsin-Madison y una especialización académica en estudios [email protected] & Latinx. Durante su carrera universitaria, la administración del presidente Obama le otorgo la medalla presidencial de servicio a la comunidad por sus mas de 200+ horas de servicio voluntario con Planned Parenthood. Amy planea convertirse en una enfermera forense para ayudar a las víctimas de violencia sexual.  También planea estudiar para ser enfermera partera y especialista en la salud de las mujeres. Eventualmente también obtendrá un doctorado en enfermería con especialidad en psiquiatría y salud mental. Amy ha dedicado su vida al servicio y empoderamiento de las comunidades marginadas.

La Justicia Reproductiva

Ana Karina Cuellar Montes, MSW, LMSW

Ana Karina Cuellar Montes, MSW, LMSW es la navegadora de pacientes de alcance comunitario de la UW Health. Su trabajo se enfoca en brindar educación sobre la salud de los senos y sobre la detección, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento del cáncer de seno y el cáncer de cuello uterino. Ana Karina es también promotora de salud de Planned Parenthood de Wisconsin y tiene experiencia trabajando en las áreas rurales de Wisconsin. Ana Karina le apasiona trabajar en las áreas de fortalecimiento de la capacidad comunitaria, divulgación, promoción y educación de la salud para la comunidad Latinx.  Ella tiene un pregrado en Psicología de la Universidad del Valle, Colombia y una maestría en trabajo social de la universidad de Clarke University, Iowa.

La Justicia Reproductiva

Ana Quirós Viquez

Ana Quirós Viquez es feminista, costarricense y nicaragüense, defensora de derechos humanos, especialista en salud pública, directora del Centro de Información y Servicios de Asesoría en Salud – CISAS (Organización Non Profit con 37 años de trabajo en educación y comunicación en salud con grupos diversos para la promoción del derecho a la salud sin discriminación). Educadora, metodóloga, investigadora con experiencia en distintos temas como movimientos sociales, violencia de género, historia del movimiento de mujeres, entre otros.

Los Prejuicios Asociados con el Aborto

Ángeles Soria

Angeles Soria es una promotora de salud por PPWI. En sus propias palabras: Mi trabajo de promotor es inspirar confianza y comprensión a la comunidad. Sirvo como puente entre los servicios sociales y de salud. Facilitando el acceso a los recursos que nuestra comunidad necesita, yo escucho con paciencia todas sus preocupaciones y también soy la primera  persona de respuesta inmediata especialmente en estos tiempos del covid-19. Lo que más me ha impactado es como el programa de CCmas ha ayudado a un gran cantidad de familias latinas para que puedan tener cambios positivos en sus vidas, tener una mejor comunicación familiar, un mejor cuidado en su salud y cómo comunicarse con un profesional de salud acerca de sus problemas médicos.

El Trabajo de Promotores de Salud en Tiempos de Covid

Carmen Maysonet

Carmen Maysonetes asesora de grupos bilingües/consejera de abuso de sustancias en el Centrol de Recursos para Latinas de UMOS, que brinda servicios de apoyo integral y holístico a victimas de violencia doméstica, agresión sexual y trata de personas. Carmen cree que a través de la educación, las personas pueden aprender a tomar decisiones más saludables para ellos y sus familias, y construir comunidades más fuertes y sanas.

Poder y Control en el Sexo y las Relaciones

Ernesto Gonzalez

Ernesto Gonzalez es promotor de salud con PPWI. En sus propias palabras: Ha sido bonito traer esperanza y un poco de apoyo a nuestra comunidad hispana a través de Planned Parenthood que ha mostrado su mano amiga de justicia social al hacerse solidario con la comunidad especialmente para aquellos que no cuentan con un seguro social y por ende no califican para muchas ayudas y como promotor ser vínculo entre recursos y los necesitados es muy esperanzador. ¡Aunado a esto los consejos y buenas recomendaciones que ofrecemos como promotores de salud impacta positivamente a nuestra comunidad! Estoy muy contento de trabajar con Planned Parenthood en promotor de la salud y juntos veremos la luz al fin del camino.

El Trabajo de Promotores de Salud en Tiempos de Covid

Katherine Gabriela Torres

Katherine Gabriela Torres es una nueva Promotora de Salud trabajando con CCmaS y Planned Parenthood de Wisconsin. En sus propias palabras: Para mi estos últimos meses han sido de mucho orgullo porque he podido ayudar a mi comunidad, brindando información sobre recursos disponibles especialmente en estos tiempos de pandemia. Me siento muy feliz por la confianza que la comunidad ha puesto en mí. Esto es solo el principio de mi carrera como promotora de salud y estoy muy feliz de ser parte de esta organización.

El Trabajo de Promotores de Salud en Tiempos de Covid

Rachel Bloom-Pojar

 Rachel Bloom-Pojar es una profesora en la Universidad de Wisconsin-Milwaukee y una investigadora que trabaja con el programa de promotores de salud en PPWI. Ella estudia la comunicación sobre la salud en comunidades hispanas y cómo los promotores de salud crean confianza con sus comunidades.

La Justicia Reproductiva

Sara Jetson

Sara Jetson es una intérprete de salud certificada en inglés/español quien trabajó en Planned Parenthood durante 3 años. Es apasionada para proveer atención médica inclusiva a pacientes de todas identidades.

La atención médica asexual: una introducción

Yesi Llerenas Daniel

Yesi Llerenas Daniel ha sido educadora en Planned Parenthood de Rocky Mountains en Senta Fe, Nuevo México por mas de tres años. Yesi gestiona y ofrece program as billingües de educación sexual integral en escuelas y en la counidadpara participantes de todas las edades.

Alianza Proactiva LGBTQ