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Preconference Session

Session 1

Tuesday, March 19 | 8:30 AM – 12 PM

Understanding Systems of Oppression and Our Role in Dismantling Them

Systems of oppression unfairly advantage and disadvantage individuals and groups based on characteristics like race, gender, and sexual orientation, resulting in disparities in income, educational and employment opportunities, and health outcomes. This session offers an examination of these systems, the role we all play in them, and ways to disrupt them to create a just and equitable society. We’ll examine intersecting identities within the framework of power and oppression to develop a clear understanding of the ways various forms of oppression are linked. Participants will learn the difference between being an ally and being a co-conspirator in the fight to end oppression. Preconference participants will receive the Diverse & Resilient toolkit for working with LGBTQ clients and patients.


  • Describe three forms of privilege and oppression and the complexity of intersection as we hold multiple identities.

  • Explain how to go from being a bystander to an upstander when showing support to the most marginalized populations we serve.

  • Discuss how feminism through a white lens has harmed People of Color including LGBTQ People of Color.

Presenter Bio

Kathy Flores

Over the past 25 years, Kathy Flores has worked incorporate, non-profit and government work. She helped start Harmony Café in Appleton as its first program director. She has worked in the anti-violence movement since 2002 when working for Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs and then founding the Fox Valley LGBTQ Anti-Violence Project. She spent seven years as the City of Appleton’s Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator in the Mayor’s office. Today, she is the statewide LGBTQ Anti-Violence Manager for Diverse & Resilient in Milwaukee, WI.Kathy considers herself a grassroots organizer and has spent years learning from brilliant activists in movements to end racism and LGBTQ bias in communities throughout the country.

As a Queer Latinx Survivor with Disability, Kathy understands the intersections of privilege and oppression not just from her vast experience in social justice movement building, but from her own complicated identity and experiences in both her personal and professional life. She provides trainings and presentations on LGBTQ issues, workplace discrimination, violence in communities, racism, developing resiliency, LGBTQ aging, and working with marginalized communities.

Session 2

Tuesday, March 19 | 1  – 4:30 PM

Mental Health Topics in Sexual and Reproductive Health

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin is taking the innovative step of addressing mental health services by exploring referrals to partner organizations for its clients seeking sexual and reproductive health care. Dr. Bentham is an internist and psychiatrist, and an attending physician at Bellin Health Psychiatric Center, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In this pre-conference session, he will present a survey of topics at the intersection of mental health and sexual & reproductive health including depression, trauma, pregnancy, and gender-identity. The presentation will be divided into three parts, each representing a survey of topics with the intention to clarify terms, highlight topics in diagnosis and prognosis, and ultimately to improve awareness and understanding of how certain disorders are managed.


  • Discuss the rationale for screening and management in primary care settings, and explain what should be considered when referring a patient for specialist care
  • Explain the clinical definition of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and describe how symptoms of depression and PTSD are linked
  • Discuss the effects of depression within the context of pregnancy and post-partum periods
  • Describe how mental health may affect libido.

Presenter Bio

Dr. Wayne Bentham, MD

Dr. Bentham is an internist and psychiatrist, and is the principle lead of Bentham Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm dedicated to providing services and program- ming to support health, wellness, education, and social justice for individuals, organizations, and communities. He is also an attending psychiatrist at Bellin Psychiatric Hospital in Green Bay, WI. Dr. Bentham earned his AB from Princeton University and his MD at Howard University College of Medicine. He competed his residencies and fellowships at Georgetown University Hospital, University of Washington Medical Center, and Duke University Hospital. He was on the medical faculty at University of Washington School of Medicine as Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, prior to moving to the Fox Valley in 2014. He has also served as the Associate Director for Behavioral Health at Network Health Plan in Appleton, WI.