Call Center Agent and Health Care Assistant in Family Planning and  Abortion Services

Reports to:                Surgical Site Supervisor

FLSA Status:         Non-exempt

Position Summary:  This position works in three areas of the organization including the    Call Center, one or more family planning offices and in the abortion clinic.  As a call center agent this staff person schedules appointments and provides patient information.  As a health care assistant in the family planning program this staff member may do both front and back office  duties providing direct client care and other responsibilities as assigned.  The responsibilities in the abortion program may include pre-procedure counseling, abortion procedure room and flow responsibilities and front reception duties.  This staff person must communicate effectively and sensitively with patients from diverse backgrounds, understand and commit to quality health care and excellence in customer service including confidentiality, and work cooperatively with others to achieve productivity standards and health center goals.



A. Call Center Agent Duties

  • Create a positive first impression with callers by providing professional, efficient, and customer focused service.

  • Adhere to established quality indicators for telephone access, appointment access and call management.

  • Log in and be ready to receive or make calls as directed by schedule.

  • Maintain thorough understanding and knowledge of reproductive healthcare services and programs in order to answer questions and direct calls appropriately.

  • Competently discuss and schedule appointments for all reproductive healthcare services including medical and surgical abortion.  Schedule appointments in accordance with health center standards and appointment guidelines which include screening for judicial bypass and abortion funding, and managing patients with special needs.

  • Provide convenient appointment times and locations and manage patient expectations by providing service and center-specific guidelines and instructions for health center visits.

  • Maintain confidentiality and exercise sensitivity and a nonjudgmental manner in dealing with sexuality and sensitive client issues.

  • Educate patients about fees and conduct accurate fee assessment to determine payer source and eligibility for funding:  private insurance, Medicaid, Family Planning Services Waiver, and Title X.   Inform patients of financial responsibility, what to bring, and payment methods, including promotion of the FPS waiver program and preparing the client to apply.

  • Collect insurance information and verify coverage in collaboration with billing department.

  • Triage medical calls/questions to appropriate medical personnel.

  • Utilize and master a variety of information technology systems in support of all aspects of client appointment processing, including the practice management system, EMR, telephone system, on-line appointment system.

  • Effectively handle on-line appointment requests and collect follow up data as directed.

  • Refer patients to other providers for services that are out of PPWP’s scope.

  • Maintain and adhere to all OSHA, HIPAA and PPWP policies and guidelines.

·      Other duties as assigned by the Site Supervisor

Health Care Assistant Responsibilities in Family Planning

B. HCA - Front Office including patient check-in, registration and check out:

  • Greet patients and initiate intake procedures.

  • Register clients in the practice management software.

  • Determine client payment method and conduct agency procedures for the payment type including insurance verification and benefit verification.

  • Inform eligible clients about the Family Planning Services Medicaid program and enroll if eligible.

  • Provide clients with an accurate estimate of their cost for services, if applicable.

  • Schedule appointments for clients who are at the health center and need to reschedule or need another visit.

  • Answer phones and refer callers to the call center or to the appropriate department.

  • Process incoming and outgoing faxes and other front office clerical tasks.

  • Effectively address challenging patient behavior in a constructive manner.

  • Support customer service and productivity efforts by monitoring wait time and client flow and communicate any issues to the Site Supervisor

  • Handle patient check-out including posting charges to the practice management system and collecting fees, requesting contributions per PPWP guidelines, and ensuring supplies are received.

  • Inform clients about the pills by mail program, if applicable.

  • Complete daily health closing procedures including closing batches and running end-of-day reports as directed by the Site Supervisor

  • Notify supervisor of discrepancies or unusual occurrences in daily billing or computer software/hardware.


HCA - Back office Duties

  • Review, obtain and update medical history as indicated.

  • Interview clients regarding purpose of the visit.

  • Notify clinician of special concerns pertinent to client’s visit.

  • Provide and explain appropriate forms to clients to ensure accurate completion and understanding of all forms and ensure that clients with limited English proficiency receive information in the language which they best understand.

  • Provide information about medical services and referrals.

  • Provide accurate information to clients as indicated on methods of birth control, transmitted infections, urinary tract infections, breast lumps, teen sexuality and general healthcare.

  • Provide pregnancy-options counseling in a comprehensive, non-directive and non-coercive manner.

  • Screen clients for Intimate Partner Violence.

  • Provide pre- and post-test HIV counseling.

HCA - Lab Duties

  • Perform lab tests when ordered by the clinician including pregnancy test, urine dip stick, rapid HIV, hematocrit or hemoglobin and other lab tests approved by CLIA license.

  • Take client blood pressure.

  • Administer IM injections.

  • Run controls on lab tests.

  • Package lab tests for reference lab.

  • Maintain appropriate documentation in laboratory and examination areas including any lab logs or specimen collection documentation.

  • Perform assigned maintenance, calibration, and quality control on equipment.

HCA-  Other Duties

  • Document all services provided in the client record.

  • Complete risk and quality management activities as assigned.

  • Be knowledgeable about state laws for child abuse report and file reports with the state according to requirements.

  • Set up the exam room for various types of procedures and exams.

  • Stock the exam room.

  • Clean exam rooms after client use, including properly handling biohazard materials.

  • Sterilize instruments according to proper procedure.

  • Conduct controls on the autoclave.

  • Support inventory procedures: stock and rotate inventory, follow all procedures for removing inventory from storage area.

  • Assist with disbursement contraceptive supplies according to PPWP procedure with correct authorization, review and documentation from clinician.

  • Ensure that prescription labels are present and product inserts are given as indicated.

  • In coordination with licensed staff, assist with client follow-up of lab results and referrals which may include:  review test results with patients and when appropriate, educate patients with abnormal results regarding the nature of the problem, method and treatments prescribed, and instructions and information about proper follow-up, including referral to appropriate medical, financial, and social service resources when necessary.

  • Participate in and be accountable for all research-related duties as delegate

  • Other duties as assigned by the Site Supervisor


Health Care Assistant Responsibilities in Abortion Services

C.  Pre-procedure Counseling Responsibilities  

  • Obtain pulse, temperature, blood pressure and measure height and weight of patient.

  • Conduct all elements of the pre-procedure interview and refer for other services as appropriate

  • Refer conflicted patients to the Director of Counseling.

  • Accurately complete charting and other appropriate forms with pertinent and factual information in a timely manner.

  • Notify an administrator of unusual problems or circumstances concerning patient that might threaten to interfere with patient care.

  • Participate in and be accountable for all research-related duties as delegated.

  • Register clients and post procedure charges in the computer system.

 Abortion Procedure Room Counseling/Flow Facilitator Responsibilities
  • Prepare procedure room for patient; includes obtaining all equipment needed.

  • Complete medication labels

  • Escort patient to procedure room.

  • Utilize relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety and manage pain.

  • Pass instruments to physician during the procedure.

  • Report occurrence of pertinent physical or emotional changes in patient’s condition to the physician.

  • Perform the duties of a health care assistant in an emergency as described in the emergency protocol.  

  • After the procedure, assists the patient to recovery area.

  • Clean procedure room.

  • Notify significant others of discharge time.

  • Organize and coordinate activities of staff and physicians in clinic flow

Laboratory Responsibilities
  • Collect blood specimens for analysis by venipuncture and finger stick using proper technique.

  • Perform designated laboratory tests on patient specimens (urine and blood pregnancy tests, urine dipstick, spun hematocrit and RH testing) and accurately records results in appropriate areas.

  • Complete laboratory requisitions according to established guidelines.

  • Perform and records quality control/quality assurance tasks, documents and communicates to supervisor any problems and discrepancies.

  • Maintain laboratory by restocking supplies, organizing and cleaning.

  • Comply with CLIA regulations and observes universal precautions as mandated by OSHA.

  • Prepare requisitions for specimens and label containers.

  • Contact appropriate lab for courier service.

  • Rotate clinic sites as needed.

  • Perform other duties as needed.

Front Receptionist Responsibilities
  • Greet clients, verify and copy identification of patient and legal guardian, if a minor.

  • Distribute required paperwork and instructions to the patient.

  • Register patients and post procedure charges in the computer system.

  • Accurately collect and record all payments, prepare receipt, and check for outstanding balances.

  • Copy insurance information and coordinate with appropriate staff regarding insurance verifications.

  • Scan 24-hour certification sheet into the record.

  • Label and dispense specimen cup to patient and direct her to the restroom.

  • After all patients have checked in assist with pre-procedure counseling as instructed.  

  • Complete cashier duties at end of day including preparing the credit card tally,  balancing cash, and running system check.

  • Complete and submit state report on induced abortion for each patient.

  • Clerical duties:

o   Record chart numbers on appropriate sheets for lab

o   Prepare and copy clinic schedules

o   Type patient index cards

  • Performs other duties as assigned.



  • Demonstrated proficiency in completing job responsibilities at all times.

  • Understanding and complying with regulations from all governing entities and health  

  • center protocols as relevant to your job duties including but not limited to Patient Rights,     

  • PA Child Protective Services Act, infection control, CLIA/ laboratory protocols, emergency evacuation, risk management, Title X and OSHA safety standards.

  • Maintaining patient confidentiality at all times, using appropriate guidelines on release of information.

  • Adhering to insurance verification policies and procedures.

  • Active participation and cooperation with co-workers to support achievement of  annual health center and agency goals for productively, number of clients served, client waiting time, appointment show rate, customer satisfaction, revenue cycle, client donations, etc.

  • Strong customer service skills evidenced by

o Greeting callers and patients in a welcoming and professional manner.

o Reporting customer feedback (positive and negative comments) to management to continuously improve the customer experience.

o Practicing a customer-oriented approach to healthcare delivery as demonstrated by serving as a patient advocate, and engaging in patient interactions that show respect, compassion and facilitate access to care.

  • Commitment to diversity goals and demonstrated cultural competence in completing work responsibilities.

  • Completion of all required organization and health center trainings by assigned due date.

  • Exhibiting initiative, sound judgment, and good problem-solving ability in performing job duties.

  • Maintaining a professional appearance at all times by dress, voice and manner.

  • Consistent compliance with PPWP personnel policies and procedures.


Additional performance expectations for HCA’s:

  • Adhere to the PPWP medical standards and guidelines as applicable to the HCA role and use them to research and obtain necessary information.

  • Accuracy in medical record documentation in electronic medical record and practice management systems.

  • Demonstrated proficiency in venipuncture, reading blood pressure, giving IM injections, running daily controls and performing all lab skills.

  • Working cooperatively, efficiently and effectively as part of the health care team in a fast paced work environment.

  • Demonstrated competency in providing education and information and referrals in a caring, non-judgmental, unbiased, non-directive factual manner, allowing client to make informed decisions regarding birth control, health care and pregnancy.

  • Adhering to money handling and charge posting policies.

  • Accurate and timely completion of all risk and quality management activities.

  • Excellent assessment skills and ability to be objective to assist patients with decision-making.

  • Obtaining and maintaining certification for Basic Life Support when required.


Additional performance expectations for Call Center Agents:

  • Meet daily, weekly and monthly call center performance goals in respect to volume, metrics and service levels and quality including call time, call volume, abandoned rate, appointment rate, and hold time.

  • Be on time and available to make appointments during scheduled call center time.

  • Demonstrated ability to deliver concise, consistent and accurate information to callers in a supportive manner that facilitates access to care.



A. Essential Job Functions

  • Physical Ability to accurately document information in patient record, lab logs and in health center data systems.

  • Visual skills for obtaining and completing chart documentation.

  • Verbal skills to communicate effectively 1:1 with co-workers and patients.

  • Ability to hear for patients interactions.

  • Manual dexterity to handle medical equipment.

  • Mobility to perform essential job responsibilities

  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.


B. Qualifications and Job Requirements               

  • High school diploma or G.E.D.

  • MA training and experience is preferred for HCA position.

  • Must be able to work flexible hours including evenings and weekends.

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills with patients and staff.

If you would like to apply for this position please email your resume and cover letter to [email protected] .