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PPWP has served the needs of western Pennsylvania families since 1930.  We've overcome a lot of obstacles in those 83 years, but none greater than the one we face today.  Now recent legislation mandates that we make major renovations to 933 Liberty Avenue or seriously curtail our services. To comply with the legislation and control our ability to serve low-income women and families, the board has embarked upon $1.4 million capital campaign.  Our goals are ambitious- and critical...


Prepare for the changing health care environment

American health care is in the midst of the biggest shake-up since Medicare.  It affects every provider- and offers PPWP the opportunity to play a potentially larger role in the health care system. But only if we're ready.  To keep pace with this changing industry, PPWP needs a state-of-the-art electronic medical records system that will allow us to engage in quality care initiatives and to coordinate patient data.  In addition we need to upgrade our brand health centers and purchase call center technology that centralizes appointments among all seven facilities to reduce costs and streamline access.

Comply with Ambulatory Surgical Facilities code

Pitched to the public as a medical safety measure, the Ambulatory Surgical Facilities (AFS) code is, in fact, a naked attempt to shut down abortion providers and limit reproductive choice for all women.  In order to continue to provide these services, PPWP must comply with extensive, expensive, and onerous building renovations.  Although abortions represent a small part of what we do, PPWP remains committed to offer the full range of reproductive medical care to those most in need.  That is our mission- and our intention.  To this end, we are addressing the many requirements of the ASF code in the most cost-effective way possible.

Establish a building maintenance fund

Beyond the renovations required by the AFS code, the unpredictable costs of upkeep and maintenance at 933 Liberty Avenue threaten to interrupt our ability to serve clients- at a time when more and more uninsured people need your help.  Last fall PPWP partnered with The Forbes Funds to conduct a reserve study and see what could be done. As a result, the board made a critical decision  to create a building reserve fund to provide timely upkeep of our flagship facility and maximize our general operating budget for client services.

Get Involved

To make a donation or to learn more about the campaign, please contact Jody Figas at 412-258-9531.
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Capital Campaign