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Ready or Not: The Teen Parenting Game


You are 17 years old and a new teen parent. It is Saturday night and all of your friends are going out. You have to choose between spending your money on a night out, or saving it for baby clothes. This is the type of real-life scenario teens and pre-teens are faced with when they play Ready or Not: The Teen Parenting Game.

Ready or Not, created by your friends at PPWNM and only available here, gives young people a realistic look at the challenges of raising a child as a teen parent. One complete trip around the board equals a month in the life of a teen parent. The trip illustrates the financial responsibility and hectic schedule of a teen parent as players draw "Surprise" cards, lose and find jobs, make health care decisions, and maintain a safe home environment.

This board game is ideal for a group of 4-8 youth, ages 12 and up, in the classroom or a youth agency venue; or for a family with adolescents. Basic math and reading skills are required.

Teen Comments

  • "The game made me realize that I am not ready to be a parent any time soon and that I need to start making better choices." ~ Nancy, 18
  • "The game was fun at first but when I started to go into debt I realized how easily money gets spent when you are a teen parent." ~ Caitlin, 16
  • "It was so frustrating to be in debt all the time. I wouldn't want my real life to ever be like that." ~ Antonio, 15

Educator Comments

  • "I just love this game! It is such a fun learning tool. It's my favorite part of the program." ~ Vivian, middle school health teacher
  • "The kids had a very positive response and really seemed to enjoy playing it. Most importantly, I really feel they received some valuable 'real life' lessons while participating in a fun activity." ~ Mike, high school health teacher
  • "The students loved playing the game; they were enlightened, frustrated, but most of all they had fun." ~ Deb, middle school health teacher

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Purchase Cost
$40 each + $9 each shipping & handling

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Ready or Not: The Teen Parenting Game