Planned Parenthood

Association of Utah



Thanks for your interest in volunteering with us!

Our first level of engagement is to become a PPAU Ambassador. Ambassadors take many small but powerful actions to spread the word about reproductive justice and Planned Parenthood in their respective communities. They hold house parties, activate their social networks, hand out information, and strike up conversations with friends, family, and neighbors. We send each Ambassador a action toolkit to help them creatively design and engage in grassroots marketing and activism with support from PPAU and PPAC. To get started with your Ambassador toolkit fill out the application at this link.

Once you become an Ambassador, you can sign up to engage at the next level; volunteering. Our volunteers can work with Planned Parenthood Association of Utah (PPAU) doing outreach and education in the community through community events and tabling (primarily in Salt Lake County) and with Planned Parenthood Action Council (PPAC) to lift up our advocacy work and help elect politicians who stand with Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights. Our next Volunteer orientation is scheduled for March 18th, 8am-5pm. 

For other ways to get involved in our advocacy work, visit our Planned Parenthood Action Council website. 

For more information, contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected].



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