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New! Telehealth Appointments for Birth Control

Save a trip to the clinic and skip the waiting room wait--get a prescription for birth control without leaving your house.

You will need

  • A computer, smart phone, or tablet with internet access, a web cam, speakers, and a microphone
  • Google Chrome if you are using a laptop or desktop computer
  • TruClinic app (available via their website for Android or via iTunes for Apple) if you are using a phone or tablet

How it works

  • Connect with a PP healthcare provider via video chat 
  • They will help you figure out your ideal B.C. method
  • Pills can be prescribed over the video chat* then delivered right to your front door** or filled at your local pharmacy***
  • Other B.C. methods (like the depo shot) can also be prescribed via telehealth* but you will have to come into a health center to receive them

*Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the $34 cost for the telehealth appointment should be covered by your insurance--if you have insurance, be sure to let us know when scheduling your appointment.

**The cost per month for pills by mail is $18. 

***Contact your insurance provider to calculate a cost estimate for pick-up prescriptions (i.e. some insurance providers will cover generic versions of medicine).