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Teen Success

The purpose of Teen Success is to help teen mothers maintain their current family size until they complete their high school education and feel ready for another child.  We work toward this goal by providing a weekly supportive environment for teens ages 12-19 years who are pregnant or currently parenting. Participants meet to:

  • Learn information, skills, and behaviors to prevent an additional pregnancy
  • Improve ability to cope with the challenges of parenthood and adolescence
  • Develop skills to build better relationships
  • Receive encouragement to successfully finish their education

What the Teen Success Program Will Do:


Give each mother $10 if they attend their weekly group and follow program rules

Provide a nutritious snack (fruit, cheese and crackers, etc.)

Ensure free childcare is available during group

Assist teens in setting and achieving goals for the future

Arrange bonuses for active participation and goals achievement

Promote easy access to family planning services


As a Teen Success Member, Participants are Expected to:

Maintain current family size by effectively practicing birth control

Remain (or enroll) in school

Attend all meetings and contact facilitator if unable to attend

Follow group rules about attendance, behavior, sharing, and providing support for other members

Set future goals and work toward accomplishing those goals



For questions, scheduling, and other information contact the Education Department

Phone: (385) 232-3895 
e-mail: [email protected]

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Teen Success