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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah Clergy Advisory Board Statement on Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

One of the finest achievements of humanity is the conquest of disease. Few human enterprises embody greater compassion or awaken greater hope. All religions can find common ground in the imperative to relieve suffering. Today in Utah, our young people face the epidemic of life-altering disease, and legislators have the moral imperative to prevent the potential suffering of families and loved ones.

The overwhelming consensus of scientific and medical opinion supports the immediate and rigorous effort to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases that cause infertility. Thus people of all faiths and persuasions, who are suffering from life-altering diseases with no noticeable side effects, turn to local health centers and pediatricians with the hope for treatment.

As religious leaders from many faiths, we offer extensive, daily and ongoing pastoral care to children and adults afflicted by life-threatening and life-altering medical conditions. From our firsthand perspectives as providers of spiritual support, hope, and prayer, we believe that community education and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases must move aheadfully and immediately, in order to protect the future of our communities.

We believe that:

  • All young people in Utah deserve to be fully informed about the life-altering side effects that disease can have on their future choices
  • All parents in Utah should be informed about the rates of sexually transmitted diseases and likelihood that the continued epidemic and spread of disease will have a negative impact on their future ability to become grandparents
  • People have the right to benefit from the healing powers of medical science
  • Any treatment that can prevent infertility should be offered to all regardless of their race, ethnicity, or ability to pay
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Sexually Transmitted Diseases