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A Pastoral Letter

Dear Friend,

You are considering a difficult decision – whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.This letter's purpose is to provide support in your decision from local clergy and lay people of several religious traditions.

Because some refuse to accept abortion as a legitimate option for women, many believe that this is the view of all religious institutions. Not so. The churches represented here all have somewhat different opinions about abortion. But, there are some basic understandings we share:

  • We believe as religious persons that abortion is morally permissible. No one thinks that abortion is an easy choice. Women who choose abortion do it for a variety of reasons based on their personal circumstances .We support your right and your ability to choose what is best for you.
  • We believe as religious persons that no one can make a choice for or against abortion except the woman herself. No one knows the circumstances of your life as well as you know them; no one knows what is in your heart better than you. If you have thought about this decision, then you should allow yourself to be at peace and to be confident in your decision.
  • We believe as religious persons that the decision to have an abortion will not change God's relationship with you. We believe that God loves you, and that you can find strength, understanding and comfort in that love on days when you are in doubt or in distress.
  • We believe as religious persons that your life needs to go on from here, and that you are deserving of support and assistance. If you have bad moments, we encourage you to seek support from friends or from professionals. If it would be helpful for you to talk to clergy, Planned Parenthood keeps a list of clergy who would be supportive of you and your decision. Any one of them would be willing to meet with you at no charge. Your privacy will be protected and all conversations will be completely confidential. Please feel free to use this community resource.

Our hope for you is for peace in your heart and an easier road ahead.
God bless you!


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A Pastoral Letter