Planned Parenthood

Association of Utah

PPAU Clergy Advisory Board

Statement of Beliefs

  • We believe that clergy have a special responsibility to bear witness in support of reproductive rights to that the public and their elected representatives may understand the theological and moral basis for reproductive health and justice.ClergyAdvisory.png
  • We believe that both men and women have an inherent right to reproductive freedom that this freedom includes the right to abortion, and that abortion is a complex moral and ethical issue that cannot be resolved by solutions that are simplistic or cruel.
  • We believe that ultimately the decision about abortion is a matter between a woman, her conscience, and/or her God, and those close to her should offer support in any way they can.
  • We believe that family planning and responsible sex education are the most effective methods of reducing the need for abortion. Clergy must help parents reach and teach their children by providing medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education in their congregations and in their local communities and schools.

For more information on the Clergy Advisory Board, its members, and how you can be involved please call (801) 532-1586.

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PPAU Clergy Advisory Board