Voices for Choice: Open Call for Stories.

While those who are against a Woman’s Right to Choose would like us to believe otherwise, everyone has an abortion story. EVERYONE. The story may be your own. But it could also be your grandmother’s, your partner’s, or your friend’s.


The fact that many of these stories go untold creates silence around abortion, and that silence feeds the stigma. Those who would like to end a woman’s right to control her own health care decisions feed upon this stigma. Help us break the silence about abortion and end the cycle of stigma.

Our goal:
Sharing the stories around abortion help to end the stigma. By sharing the experiences of real people, we can take the idea of abortion of out of the closet and into the open.

And we want your help. Will you join us in fight to end the stigma?

The Opportunity:

We are launching a new initiative called Voices for Choice. The program, which will include working with three professional facilitators on your story, a one-day writing workshop, and a chance to read your story at the Nasty Women of the North Exhibit, taking place October 27-29 in Troy, NY.

If you are interested in writing, and want to help end the stigma of abortion, raise your voice and join us!

How to get involved:

Click on the application here. You will be prompted to provide a summary of your story (100 words or less). Please note: your story can be first or secondhand and does not need to include Planned Parenthood to be selected.

Selection Process:

We will select 15 of these stories to be workshopped and performed live as part of the Nasty Women of the North Exhibit taking place on October 27-29 in Troy, NY.

If your story is selected, you will attend a workshop with trained writing, acting and public speaking professionals to develop your story further. Additionally, you will be assigned an instructor who will work with you over the summer to help get your piece in good shape before the workshop. The workshop will take place September 16th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at UHPP’s Albany office, located at 855 Central Avenue, Albany, NY 12206.

Applicant Expectations:

• To be willing to work on their story prior to the workshop and check in periodically with their workshop facilitator.

• To come to the September 16th Workshop at UHPP Office, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  

• To read their piece on one of the days of the event, October 27, 28th and/or 29th.

  • To have their story shared by Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, both online, print and promotional materials.

Myths, Misconceptions and Facts about Abortion:

  • There are many myths and misconceptions about abortion and those who have abortions.
  • Nearly a third of women in America decide to end a pregnancy, and every individual’s decision about their pregnancy should be respected and valued.
  • The decision about whether to parent, end a pregnancy or choose adoption belongs to the individual person and no one should have to justify that decision.

Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood proudly offers the full range of reproductive health care services including safe, legal abortion. To ensure abortion remains safe and legal for future generations, we must replace misconceptions with facts, and have honest conversations about abortion.

We thank you for your story!