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Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood now offers Transgender Hormone Therapy and Preventive Health Care Services in Albany, Hudson and Troy.

UHPP provides comprehensive hormone therapy to the Capital Region.

UHPP provides quality, compassionate care using an informed-consent model for our transgender and gender non-conforming patients. We are committed to improving the way transgender and gender non-conforming people receive health care in our region and we proudly work together with our transgender and gender non-conforming communities to lead the way in eliminating barriers to care.

What services are we offering?

We offer preventive sexual health care services as well as hormone therapy for transgender and gender non conforming people. Patients under our care receive a written prescription for hormones which they fill at a pharmacy. Planned Parenthood does not provide pharmacy services for hormones.

Pubertal suppression?

Yes, we offer this to transgender and gender non-conforming adolescents who are entering puberty and wish to prevent the irreversible and undesirable changes that develop. Parental permission is required for this service.

How do I make an appointment?

Whether you're already a patient or would like to become a patient, simply call 1.800.230. PLAN (7526) or click here to make your appointment online. Patients should obtain their medical records from the previous provider and bring them to their Planned Parenthood appointment. (We can help you with this!)

I’m already on hormones, can I transfer my records to Planned Parenthood and become a patient? 

Yes. If you are already being seen by a medical provider for transgender services but you wish to transfer your care to Planned Parenthood you can do that. Just make an appointment and speak with a member of our team.

How much does it cost?

We have billing staff ready to help you figure out costs and payment for this service; we will give you their contact information as part of the initial appointment-making process. There is a fee for service and we do bill insurance. We work to keep the cost of our services as affordable as possible. If you are uninsured or do not wish to use your insurance, we may be able to work with you to set up a payment plan.

Additional resources: 

Know-How: The Trans Person's Guide to Get or Change All of the Life Documents and Essential Paperwork You'll Need to Make Your Way in the World

Please check out the amazingly detailed and useful new booklet for trans people in New York State from Planned Parenthood of the Southern Finger Lakes who created this booklet in response to tons of questions about the various legal and administrative paperwork processes in New York that many trans people need to do. 

Additionally, below are the links to templates for the various letters a trans person may need to use to navigate name and gender marker changes in New York (State, not City, the process is different in the City.)

Name change order

Name change petition

Name change request for judicial intervention

Social Security letter template

Drivers License DMV letter template

Application for correction of certificate of birth 

Birth certificate affidavit age 18 or older 

Birth certificate notarized affidavit of gender error

Birth certificate physician letter template V 1

Birth certificate physical letter template V 2

Request for status information letter selective service

Passport letter template

Injectable medication travel carry letter