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UHPP is proud to provide abortion care at all three of our health centers in Albany, Hudson and Troy. Our staff is caring and compassionate and most of all non-judgmental. We provide medication abortions by appointment at all three locations, everyday up to 11 weeks, 0 days. We provide in-clinic abortions to 17 weeks, 6 days by appointment. Click here to learn more about each type of abortion.

To ensure the best experience possible we have provided instructions below to help you prepare for your visit. If you have any questions regarding these instructions or your appointment, please contact us at 800.230.PLAN (7526).

Click your visit type below for more information, as well as appointment instructions.

In-Clinic Abortion | Medication Abortion

UHPP Now Offers Nitrous Gas

UHPP has added nitrous gas option for patients to feel more comfortable and calmer during abortion procedures without sedative medications with high instances of adverse reactions.

What is Nitrous Gas?

Nitrous Oxide + Oxygen is an odorless gas you inhale during your procedure. Nitrous oxide is a “dissociative anesthetic.”  You may feel far away and it may reduce pain.

How long does it take to work? A few seconds to a few minutes How long do the effects last? 2-3 minutes

 What are the benefits of this option?

• You are in control of how much you get – you can start and stop inhaling it at any time.

• It is short-acting so you’re less likely to feel the effects long after the procedure is over.

• It can be safe to use if you’ve recently used substances such as alcohol or drugs.

• There’s no need to have someone take you home.

 What else do I need to know about this option?

The machine will only release a 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide + oxygen. The amount of nitrous you receive will vary based on how much you inhale. Everyone responds to this medicine in different ways. We can make no guarantees of how much you’ll feel it.

How a patient lets staff know they are interested in want this? At check in or before? (this is flexible) If you are interested in nitrous please let our team know.

How much does it cost? Currently, costs are bundled with the visit cost meaning there is no additional charge at this time. 

Additional Abortion Services Now Offered: 

Abortion Doula Program

An abortion doula provides physical, emotional, and informational support to a patient during their abortion visit; ensuring patients are as comfortable as possible. This may look like making sure patients have a snack or are warm enough; talking through feelings and thoughts, offering a distraction with unrelated conversation; practicing focused breathing and relaxation strategies; offering reassurance and hand holding/touch; and supporting the patient in advocating for themselves. It's an added level of care outside of the actual medical care patients receive, attuning to whatever the patients' needs are in the present moment.  

Presently, one doula is available in the recovery room on In-Clinic Abortion days. 

Abortion Care Kits

UHPP offers abortion after-care kits to our patients in Albany, Troy, and Hudson to assist in their recovery (while supplies last). These kits include menstrual pads, heating pads, snacks, tea, and other items to help patients post procedure. These kits are made up of donated goods from our community and assembled by volunteers.