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The New York Women's Equality Coalition Takes Fresh Approach to Push for Passage of Women's Equality Agenda



It's time for an upgrade.

We need laws as strong as New York women.Click here to sign the petition.

Today the New York Women's Equality Coalition launches a statewide digital and grassroots campaign designed to reinvigorate New Yorkers to demand a Women's Equality Agenda for our state. The campaign shines a spotlight on the need to update and strengthen New York State laws to reflect the reality of women's lives in 2013.

We cannot let politics stand in the way of women's lives. If legislators don't act, the ten million women of New York lose.

Not only will digital techniques be deployed to engage and rally supporters, but the Women's Equality Coalition will employ the tried and true methods of phone banking, canvassing, and direct constituent contact with legislators to pass the entire Women's Equality Agenda.

Not one measure of the Women's Equality Agenda has become law. There is still a chance for our legislature to strengthen New York's laws for women by making the Women's Equality Agenda a reality. Click here to sign the petition now.

The New York Women's Equality Coalition consists of more than 850 women's groups, businesses, religious organizations, medicals groups, and other advocacy groups united in vigorous support of all the measures of the Agenda. The New York Women's Equality Coalition launched as a 501(c)4 organization in March.

The NYWEC Steering Committee is comprised of the following organizations: A Better Balance; AAUW-NYS Public Policy; Family Planning Advocates of NYS; International Code Council; League of Women Voters NYS; Maria T. Vullo; National Organization for Women NYC; NY Women's Chamber of Commerce; NYS AFL-CIO; NYS Anti-Trafficking Coalition; NYS Coalition Against Domestic Violence; NYWA/Equal Pay Coalition NYC; Planned Parenthood Advocates of NY; Sanctuary for Families; YWCAs of New York State

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Women's Equality Act