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Would you like to get out on the town with like-minded folks who support reproductive choice, and learn more about Planned Parenthood? Would you like to educate and energize the future advocates of reproductive rights? Then PPYL is the group for you!

What is PPYL? PPYL is a group of 40-ish and younger local professionals committed to the mission and activities of UHPP, who have expressed interest in meeting and networking with like-minded individuals in an informal atmosphere. If you are interested in attending future events or becoming involved with PPYL, please e-mail [email protected] for more information!

PPYL (pronounced "people")
Since 2003, PPYL has enabled like-minded people to socialize and learn more about Planned Parenthood. Throughout the year we will host several events, ranging from social gatherings at a neighborhood bar to larger events such as an art auction or concert. The goal is to build the new generation of supporters and advocates. Together we will guide the future of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood (UHPP) as advocates, board members, donors, and volunteers.

You Choose Your Level of Involvement At each event, PPYL has information about UHPP volunteer opportunities, the e-action alerts, and other ways you can support the work done by Planned Parenthood locally and nationally. You can also sign up to receive PPYL event e-updates and hear about informal get-togethers with other UHPP supporters. Sign up at these events or email us at [email protected].

Mission Statement
Our mission is to build a new generation of supporters for Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood and to raise awareness for the agency and its critical community services. We create opportunities for young professionals to come together, socialize, learn more about and support UHPP's mission.

To accomplish this mission, we will:

  • Educate PPYL supporters about UHPP's services and political activities in the local community
  • Provide opportunities to get involved in volunteer programs and/or fundraising activities
  • Engage supporters as advocates by informing them of Action Alerts on local and national sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Enable participants to share their knowledge and support of UHPP with others through the activities, events, and programs that we sponsor and support
  • Host events to raise funds or awareness for UHPP's clinic services and its education and public affairs programs
  • Ask volunteers to help us increase the number of people who share our vision and seek fulfillment of our mission

2013 and 2014 PPYL sponsor:
Albany Medical Center

Albany Medical Center Sponsors Planned Parenthood Young Leaders 2013




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Planned Parenthood Young Leaders